There are many reasons as to why joining a mothers group is beneficial to not only the mother but also her baby. It’s not all about catching up for a coffee and having a chat although that can certainly be part of it. Becoming a parent, especially as the primary carer can be a huge change and come with many challenges such as loneliness, anxiety, exhaustion, stress and more. There are many pressures and much to learn which can become overwhelming for a new mother. Having a supportive and informative community around you of mothers going through similar challenges or with previous experience can make all the difference.  

Creating A Support Network – Mothers Group

One of the biggest benefits of mothers groups is meeting other new mums and building new friendships. Getting yourself and your baby out to socialise can be a lifesaver. Social isolation can be a risk factor for postnatal depression and anxiety. So, what seems like a social outing, is actually fulfilling an important role for mothers’ wellbeing by reducing maternal stress and strengthening social bonds.

Also when you join a mothers group your babies will be roughly the same age, this means surrounding yourself with people who are going through the same challenges and developmental changes. This means you have a support group who can empathise with what you are going through but also be able to give advice and encouragement. 

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Mothers groups

How To Find A Mothers Group

There are many different ways to find mothers groups in your area like;

  • Asking the hospital you gave birth in.
  • Ask your child health nurse.
  • Contacting your local council, community centres and local religious organisations.
  • Check with your local library.
  • Asking your local childcare centre.

As your child gets older you may want to consider attending playgroups. The benefit of playgroup is that by the time your child is ready for Kindergarten or school they will be used to being in a group and doing activities. This may help make the transition a little easier.  Playgroup Australia is a not-for-profit organisation, established in 1984 as the national representative body for playgroup organisations. Playgroup Australia supports and connects the playgroup community all over Australia.

Mothers groups

Baby & Toddler Activities/Classes – Mothers Groups

Many parents know that baby & toddler classes are good for their baby but many don’t know all of the benefits these classes can bring not only your baby or toddler but yourself too. In this blog 7 Benefits Of Baby & Toddler Classes & Activities we go into detail about the following benefits: 

  • Child-Parent Bonding
  • Social Development & Interaction
  • Improving Language Skills 
  • Developing Motor Skills
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Confidence Building
  • Brain Stimulation 

If you would like to get your child started in baby & toddler classes you can view a comprehensive list of classes and activities available Australia-wide below.

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