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There are many amazing digital platforms out there, so why should you choose to work with us?

Two reasons:

1. We believe in the power of kids activities – the physical, emotional, social and intellectual benefits
2. We connect parents quickly and easily with the information they want to know – they want to know about you!

We are a unique forward thinkers and leaders when it comes to our niche industry.

As a team of parents (read more about us here), we know our audience really well – we are our target market ourselves!

More than ever, families are striving to deliver real life and hands on experiences to their children. Parents believe that there is high value and priority in educating and teaching their kids through activities  – and we agree with them! We see this as our job in connecting our audience to you!  We are not simply a directory but more of a national community marketplace.

We do this through:

Online Presence

Video & Live Streaming

Social Media


E-News & Chat




Kids Activity, School Holiday & Party Directory

We offer comprehensive SEO optimised listings in our parent directory for classes, activities, events, clubs and school holiday ideas for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school aged children.

Live Children’s Entertainment Promotion

We promote small local events such as school fetes, local markets and local kids shows all the way through to national touring groups campaigns.

We are more than happy to offer customised solutions for you by our experienced team members who have expertise and understanding of what your target market.

Agencies & Brands

We are not locked into with any PR or influencer agency, allowing us to be flexible and dedicated with our collaborations. We carefully select family focused providers, services and products to promote and collaborate with us – ensuring great outcomes for everyone involved.  We can introduce your brand/business to our audience of engaged family focused enthusiasts and leverage our sister site (What’s On 4 Travel) to even further maximised results if desired. Through creative innovation we are able to take your product, service, launch or event to the next level.

We can offer the following services:

  • Solus Newsletter Features (state and national eDM)
  • Reviews
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Digital Marketing
  • Banners and Spotlights
  • Affiliates
  • Content Creation
  • Surveys
  • Q&A’s Sessions
  • Event Promotion
  • Videography Marketing
  • VIP Hosting or Attendance: Events, Launches & Shows
  • Endorsements and Brand Ambassadorship
  • Competitions
  • Sponsorship: What’s On 4 Kids National Roadshows, Awards and Conference

Latest Statistics

Facebook: 159,800+
Pinterest: 5,200+
Twitter: 3,500+
Instagram: 6,600+
Email Database: 48,500+ Australian mums

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