Many parents know that baby & toddler classes are good for their baby but many don’t know all of the benefits these classes can bring not only your baby or toddler but yourself too.  If you were unsure about enrolling your baby or toddler into a class before reading this article, your mind will be made up afterwards. We have listed the 7 benefits of baby & toddler classes for you to see for yourself just how great baby & toddler classes really are for your child.

1. Child-Parent Bonding

As mums with a new baby at home, it can feel like we are always rushing from one task to another. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, laundry, feeding or popping baby down for a nap. Plus we are generally doing all of this while sleep-deprived.

It is so important to be able to step away from the endless list of chores and spend time focusing solely on your baby and to leave the stresses of everyday life at home.

By attending a class you are removing the necessity for you to create or set up an activity and just get to focus solely on them.

Baby & Toddler Classes

2. Social Development & Interaction

Your baby may be a social butterfly or shy when it comes to making new friends but participating in baby & toddler classes will help develop their social skills. Babies are continuously learning ways to engage with other children and adults. A class environment is a fun and relaxed way for them to feel confident in meeting new people.

Plus as a new mum who is also adjusting to a new lifestyle social interaction with other mums in the same position is essential. Friendships can be formed inside classes that can flourish outside the class experience.

3. Improving Language Skills

Language development is a critical part of child development. It supports your child’s ability to communicate and express and understand feelings. The best way to encourage your child’s speech and language development is to do lots of talking together about things that interest your child.

In many ways language is similar to song and singing along in baby & toddler classes can promote language development. Singing with your baby can help develop early language and literacy skills, such as auditory discrimination, phonological awareness,  vocabulary development, and auditory memory.

4. Developing Motor Skills

Getting your baby moving through play is good for all areas of their development, especially motor skills development. Playing in a baby & toddler class can help to strengthen the neck and upper body muscles your baby needs to hold their head up and move around. It also helps them to practice reaching and grasping and strengthen muscles needed for movements like rolling, crawling, and pulling themselves up to stand.
Baby & Toddler Classes

5. Emotion Regulation

Play in a group environment is a vital part of a child’s development. It enables them to engage creatively with other children and learn valuable social skills. In a play environment like a baby & toddler class children are often introduced to concepts like sharing, taking turns, and working together when they participate in group play. This critical time of development allows children to learn how to practice patience, empathy, and other necessary social skills.



6. Confidence Building

In a baby & toddler class, a child may take part in various activities that will help with confidence building. Your child may be encouraged to practice decision making, cooperative play and independent play. They will also experience praise and positive reinforcement which will encourage positive self-talk. It is important for children to learn to be strong so as to be able to stand up for themselves but also kind.


7. Brain Stimulation

Activities such as reading, singing and telling stories, are all forms of interaction that can influence children’s development. While playing, your child engages in looking, listening, touching, tasting and moving which enables them to connect with what is seen, heard, tasted or touched. Play can help in stimulating child brain development by influencing cognitive, physical, motor, social, and emotional development via sensory connections.

If you would like to get your child started in baby & toddler classes you can view a comprehensive list of classes and activities available Australia-wide below.

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