In our modern, digitized world, it becomes more and more challenging for parents to motivate their children to find their first job and start making money. Most kids’ activities are found on the Internet, so consequently, their future job may be also online. Today you will not engage children with traditional careers like a babysitter, paperboy, or lemonade maker. The world is evolving, and your child’s first job will not be the same as yours. 

In this article, you will find a list of creative first job ideas for your kid that will help them achieve success in the future. So read the article, and find what to choose for starters to see your child in the Forbes list.

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Top 6 First Job Ideas for Your Child

Today, youngsters prefer more online activities, so it’d be great if you help your child find their first job on the Internet. By choosing a freelance job, you will worry less about their safety as your kid will stay at home, and combine working with studying. Let’s look at the best options for you and your child. 

#1 Content Creator

You can find many options for freelance jobs if your child is interested in content creation. It includes creating Instagram posts, TikTok and YouTube videos, and more. You can find it challenging at first sight, but there are plenty of digital tools facilitating the work process. For example, when your kid decides to create videos and monetize their channel, they can use a free video editor for engaging content. 

Consider that video content is extremely popular now, and your child can find many job options. Today, youngsters like watching live streams; they can make reviews and unboxing videos, create educational content, etc. It helps children build communication skills, learn to work with online trolls, and edit videos. 

#2 Copy Editor and Copywriter

Another great freelance job option is copywriting and copy editing. Today, writing posts for social media accounts is one of the most widespread kids’ activities, as they want to be unique and stand out. It’s a perfect choice for children who are into writing. So if you notice that your kid has excellent marks for their essays, suggest they try this job. 

Good writers are always in demand, and if your kid starts practicing from school, the chances that your daughter or son will become successful skillful writers are high. With content marketing on the rise, it’s possible to create texts for business social media accounts. Children can also write product reviews, essays, and more. There are special platforms where people seek copyright services, as well as helpful tools for grammar and spell-check. It only sounds challenging, but try, and you will not regret it.

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#3 Web Designer

This job idea will be a true success if your child adores painting, drawing, and all other activities connected to fine arts. A web designer is a person who can find an abundance of job opportunities, starting from photo and video editing to graphic design. 

You can find job requests on freelance platforms. Do not set high prices for your work when you’ve just started. At this stage, the main goal is to gain experience and decide if this activity is good for your child. The more your kid will work and participate in different projects, the richer portfolio they will have for a future successful career. 

#4 Computer Tutor

Your kid can teach adults to use computers in our modern, digitized age. Today, everything is connected with the internet and social media, but many still do not know how to use them properly. Here we speak not only about computer use basics, but also some advanced knowledge of avoiding cyber frauds or fakes. It’s also possible to teach adults to use social media correctly and benefit from all they suggest, like using Facebook ads and protecting the account. 

If you have relatives or neighbors struggling with mastering the internet and computer, your kid can help them for free and learn to work with specific tasks. After that, they will recommend your child to others, and people will pay them for teaching. In the future, your kid will become a successful computer science specialist. 

#5 Reseller

We suggest you consider another business idea for your kid that can help them become successful in the future. It’d be great for those into fashion, photography, and surely selling goods. It is a low-investment idea as your kid can make extra money by reselling different things like toys, shoes, or clothes. 

Collect things to resell, take photos, choose a reselling platform, and start working from home. Some also use Instagram for promoting their online store or even selling things there. Consider that the vintage clothing market has been and will be a profitable option for starting a business. It’s an amazing first job idea if you teach your child to communicate with potential clients, set prices, and supervise the payments. 

#6 Book Seller

Despite the internet’s popularity, people will never stop reading real paper books. This business idea is aimed at bringing knowledge and joy of reading to those who have struck at their phone screens. If your kid is a bookworm, and you have a big book collection, sell them and buy new ones! 

Today we observe business in media, and it’ll be great to create a Facebook or Instagram account for posting your books for sale. Once your book business grows, you can resort to Facebook ads to promote your store. 


Now you know what the first job it’s necessary to choose for your child that will inspire them to work hard and get on the Forbes list in the future. There are lots of creative job ideas, so do not hesitate to make your choice. You should always consider what your kid prefers, but provide them with the appropriate job list to pick from. We wish you good luck and hope that these ideas will bring your child success. 

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