All you need to know to create a Facebook Ad Campaign

Everything you need to start successful advertising on Facebook! Something for everyone from the kid’s activity & party industry, from beginners to the experienced – watch over Fred’s shoulder as he builds a Facebook Ads Campaign to target local parents.

  1. Have you been told you should be advertising on Facebook but don’t know where to start?
  2. Have you put a lot of time into your Facebook Posts but feel like no one is seeing them?
  3. Have you spent money on Ads or Boosted Posts with little or no result?
  4. Do you feel like you are competing in a crowded space to be heard?
  5. Would you like to be able to run your own Facebook Ad campaigns effectively, and understand how to manage and improve them over time?
  6. Do you want to know all the changes to Facebook Ads Manager and get practical advice on what it means for you?

Fred will show you how to build your Facebook Advertising campaign over a series of 3 practical one-hour sessions and guide you through the Facebook Ad process step by step. Complete the course with everything setup and your Facebook Ads Campaign running!

Tuesday 7th July – Live Session 1

Thursday 9th July – Live Session 2

Wednesday 15th July – Live Session 3

Same time each day: 1:30PM AEST

Pre-work (This will be delivered the week before Session 1, in the Facebook Group)

How (and why) to setup Facebook Business Manager

What are Landing Pages and why use them?

Setup and case uses for the Facebook Pixel

Live Session 1:

Why pay? The results are in: Posts vs Ads

Why and how to use Creator Studio

What makes a good Facebook Ad?

Advice for disapproved Ads

Intro to Audience Insights

Live Session 2:

The difference between audiences

Setup your audiences

Targeting examples

Intro to Ad formats, objectives and placements

Live Session 3:

Campaign structure

Facebook Ads funnel

Build your campaign – be clear on your outcome.  Learn the basics of how to build a campaign.

Know your metrics

Understanding results

*Includes unlimited support over 3 weeks via private FB Group, plus bonus 30min Q&A after each live session.

Price: $162.50 (inc booking fee & gst)


Prefer a 1:1 session with Fred instead?

Book a 1-hour session with Fred were you are can ask your specific questions about Facebook ads for your business.

Price: $162.50 (inc booking fee & gst)

Running a Franchise? Enquire now about our tailored masterclass for franchisees.

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