With many families staying close to home or travelling locally this year, we have put together a list of fun things to do to make Easter at home a day to remember. We hope that you have a pretty amazing day together as a family.

Easter Bunny Feet

Surprise the kids on Easter morning by having them discover the Easter bunnies footprints! The footprints can easily be made using flour and a homemade stencil. Click here to find a free download to make your own stencil.

Decorate An Easter Tree – Easter At Home

An Easter egg tree is a fun tradition the whole family can take part in. you can decorate a tree outside or create your own indoor tree. Decorate the tree with Easter eggs or other Easter ornaments. You can find lots of ideas on how to decorate your tree here.
Image from rhythmsofplay.com

Make An Easter Egg Basket

Not only will making the Easter egg baskets be a fun activity to do together but it will come in handy for the Easter egg hunt (see below). You can find a free printable for this basket here.

Do Some Easter Crafts – Easter At Home

Crafts are a great way to keep the kids occupied while celebrating Easter at home. We have put together a great list of craft ideas here.

Play Easter Games

I’m sure you will have a great time playing these awesome Easter games like Easter Pictionary, Easter Egg Hunt and Don’t Eat Bunny. You can find a free printable for these games here.
Image from fun-squared.com

Have An Easter Egg Hunt – Easter At Home

There are many ways to have an Easter egg hunt. It can be as simple as hiding chocolate eggs around then house to filling plastic eggs with surprises in the backyard and have clues leading your kids to find them. Whatever you choose we have found some ways to help you make it amazing.

We hope you have a fantastic Easter whatever way you choose to celebrate the day. It’s a special day to enjoy as a family and I’m sure that you will make it an Easter at home to remember.

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