Easter holidays are right around the corner and we all know how easily the kids can’t bored if we don’t have some awesome activities lined up. What’s a better way to keep the kids entertained than with a series of Easter crafts?
Crafts are a great way to get the whole family involved and spark some creativity. Doing crafts is also a great way to improve those fine motor skills in little ones. Plus an added bonus is once you get the kids set up it may even give you some time to sit down and have a coffee in peace. 

1. Easter Bunny Paper Plate Mask Craft

Image from www.shesaved.com

2. Toilet Paper Roll Bunny 

3. Cotton Ball Bunny

3. Paper Roll Chicks Easter Crafts 

4. Painted Rocks Easter Eggs

5. Easter Pinch Pots Easter Crafts 

You can get the step by step instructions here: www.redtedart.com/easter-pinch-pot-idea-chicks-eggs

6. Yarn Wrapped Egg Easter Crafts

7. Potato Easter Egg Stamps

8. Shaving Cream Painted Easter Eggs

9. Easter Egg Paper Weaving

10. Baking Soda Easter Eggs

We hope you have lots of fun creating all of these Easter crafts and remember, messes can be cleaned up, the stress of watching your kids “do it all wrong” won’t last long but the memory of spending quality time as a family will last forever.  Let us know in the comments which ones you created.

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