Wrap Up VTech Toys For Learning Fun this Christmas


Let your children have a Christmas they will remember with VTech, knowing they will be learning while they play. Every VTech toy is designed to engage and encourage children to explore as they play.

VTech has something for all ages from baby and toddler to pre- and primary school children – something for all the children in your life!

There’s always a doctor in the house with the Smart Medical Kit. Children can care for their family, friends, pets and plush toys with this portable kit. Children can dress up like a Doctor and use the interactive healthcare tablet, exploring medical instruments, the human body
and common ailments using the touch points on the tablet. When the Doctor’s office is closed, pack up the 15 instruments and accessories and place them all in the medical bag, ready for their next appointment.

DJ Beat Boxer is a pawsome new musical friend. DJ is a music-mixing pup, so children can scratch her head, boop her nose, shake her paw, press her ear or push the buttons on her headphones to hear her go. Each interaction adds layers to the music so children and DJ
can create a new song together. Pressing her headphones buttons starts a rhythm and adds in backbeats or harmonies. They can add cool record-scratching sounds by scratching her head or touch her nose for an air horn effect. Children can even press DJ’s ear to record a quick phrase to drop into their song. Her head will nod along to the music while her jowls flap to the beat. When they give DJ lots of love, she’ll bark, sneeze and more. Children can just cuddle cute DJ or create a mix that moves them to the beat!

Ready, set, RACE marbles down ramps and through obstacles with the Marble Rush Speedway. This 78-piece colour-coded building set includes a starting gate that plays a musical light show, crazy 360˚ loop, thrilling tracks, rattling peg maze and bases that all easily connect together. Children can compete with family and friends to keep the marbles in motion and bring them back to the beginning. Combine with other Marble Rush sets (sold separately) to create an extreme playset. Find more exciting build ideas by visiting the Marble Rush website, www.marblerush.com

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