Nothing really beats the benefits of a villa when booking a family holiday overseas.  Villas offer affordable luxury accommodation and the opportunity to fully relax in a blissful environment away from pesky tourists and overpriced buffets. We all know family holidays can feel a bit of the ‘same exhausting routine just in a different location’;  there’s wrangling the overtired 3-year-old at check-in, apologising for your 8-year-old splashing everyone in sight in the resort pool and grumpy teenagers who are too old for the kids club but too young for a cocktail.

Kids need to be kids on holidays and that’s why villas are a popular choice for families, as they give a private and personalised experience; something authentic compared to resorts.

Villa’s don’t mean you will be stuck with doing all the food prep and clean up either.  Many countries such as Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, India and Cambodia can take care of all that for you for very reasonable prices. Imagine your own personal chef and helper or babysitter! Bliss!

For those of us approaching a milestone birthday (hello 40!), villas are the perfect way to bring a group of friends and families together to celebrate, relax and spend quality time together in a new country. Again, villas; like the ones we found at Villa Finder provide a 24-hour concierge that assists in your requirements. Wanting to arrange a birthday cake to celebrate? Leave it to the Villa Finder concierge team, in charge of guest experiences, to arrange.

We all know after the initial hour of scrolling through Instagram for holiday inspiration is a novelty that wears off quickly and locations become a blur.  What started as a fun experience full of high hopes quickly turns into an overwhelming mess, that you end up wasting so much time on ‘to and froing’ that you just randomly pick any accommodation just for it to be over and done with. There’s a simpler solution to this. 

Have you ever tried to get friends and families to agree on one hotel before? It’s a nightmare! Everyone wants something different and has different budgets, everyone wants to be together but still have some space to retreat to; especially with kids! Let’s face it; it is ideal to still be talking to each other at the end of your vacation too; so the pressure is on to find something that everyone loves. Renting a large villa with some rooms and spaces to escape, that feature high-end facilities and services make it an affordable choice with the range of locations globally to suit most guest size.


This is where Villa Finder is your solution comes to the rescue!

Villa Finder originated in 2012 and currently have over 2,000 villas in 28 destinations in Asia Pacific (Bali, Thailand, Mauritius, Japan, New Zealand, Cambodia, India, Vietnam, etc.) All of the villas are inspected before they are listed online. They have been carefully handpicked and are also frequently reinspected to make sure that they are well maintained and the level of service is consistent.

And while staying with Villa Finder, you can ask the Concierge team to help with arranging anything you need, from groceries to tours, activities booking and special requests like a private yoga teacher, Zumba teacher, cooking performance, parties, birthday cakes, extra cots, baby seats etc.

Pools are a must and villas give you the opportunity to have your own private place to swim and relax.  There’s no fighting over sun loungers and the pool is perfect for some laps before breakfast, a few games of Marco Polo with the kids and even a midnight dip as there’s no one to stop you!

So how does Villa Finder Work?

Customer happiness is Villa Finder’s top priority, and the majority of people who book through Villa Finder are families. They have a Concierge team (avail 7 days a week and fluent in 7 languages!) to help you find the right villa and arrange the stay. The team will get in touch, find out what you need, as they know each family has different requirements. Then they will recommend the villas that meet the requirements and budget for you. Some of the questions they might ask include how many children will be staying and how old they are; if they need a pool fence or car seat, high chair, will the grandparents be there too. Everything is carefully catered for your individual needs to ensure a wonderful holiday is ensured!

After that, they find the villas that best fit all these requirements for you! With everything taken care of for you, all you and your family need to do is to enjoy! 

Here are some of our suggested Villa Finder locations:

To Bali Villa Finder: https://www.villa-bali.com/en-au/find/seminyak

To New Zealand Villa Finder: https://www.villa-finder.com/en/new-zealand

To Japan Villa Finder: https://www.villa-finder.com/en/japan

Please note: This blog is sponsored, however, all content is in the writer’s (Elise Easdown from What’s On 4 Kids) own authentic words in February 2020. Images supplied by Villa Finder.
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Start searching today and build your own holiday at www.villa-finder.com

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