We know as parents that there is a continuous need to educate our children in today’s world. While this is mostly a joyous occasion such as explaining why volcanoes erupt and where do dreams come from there’s also the not so ‘rainbows and butterflies’ teaching and that is teaching children to keep themselves safe and identify risks in the world.

This can be a tough place to navigate as a parent as you want to prepare them for the things that could go wrong but not scare them or create unnecessary worry.

This is where Team Rescue step in!

Team Rescue is a group of safety super heroes, created to help children understand how they can keep themselves safe.  By teaching them how to make safe decisions in everyday situations so that they can learn to be their OWN super heroes.  The aim is that their message will be mean they don’t need the help of real-life emergency personnel or if they do they won’t feel so scared or alarmed.

Created by Australian firefighter, Tony Chicco, and developed together with Greg Page, the original Yellow Wiggle, Team Rescue is all about saving lives and helping prevent injuries through teaching simple safety messages that are approved by the emergency services and early childhood experts.

There is Cheeko Fire Fighter

Cheeko loves music, and when he is not helping Team Rescue by delivering safety messages to the children of Safeton, he is strumming his guitar and making up songs at the Team Rescue Safety Centre.Cheeko is the one to promote exercise and staying in shape to all of the Team Rescue members.

Webster Surf Patrol

Webster Surf Patrol is a surf lifesaver who is on the lookout for trouble on the beaches and waterways of Safeton.

Webster loves to cook, and as a trainee chef, he ensures that the Team Rescue members look after their diet, and nutrition requirements by ensuring the Team eat healthy sustainable meals.

SLIP SLOP SLAP, SLURP –  Staying hydrated & protected from the sun is Webster’s top priority for his Team.

Dr Jess Paramedic

Dr. Jess is the paramedic on Team Rescue, delivering messages about safe-practices to avoid injury, and also basic first aid knowledge.

When she is relaxing at Team Rescue Headquarters, she is using her construction skills to build whatever it is that the Team requires for their Headquarters – be it a table, a cupboard, or even fixing leaking pipes!

Dr Jess is the team member that ensures hygiene is a priority!

Penny Patrol Police Officer

Penny Patrol is the local police officer, and when she is not out and about protecting the citizens of Safeton with Team Rescue, she is fulfilling her creative desires – painting on a canvas, or making great craft pieces to adorn the Team Rescue Headquarters.

Penny is the member of the Team that ensures that all Team Rescue members’ look their best when going out in the public eye. She values deportment, presentation and punctuality​.

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