Keeping the Kids Active & Outdoors these School Holidays with Zactiv Helix range from Colorific

The summer school holidays are looong and it can be tough to keep the kids entertained and off their ipads and devices.

Outdoor activities and games such as the Zactic range encourage families to get out in fresh air, soak up the vitamin D and keep fit and healthy.

What I loved about this range is that it could be easily thrown into the back of the car and pulled out at different times.  We used them at the beach, in parks, at the cousins in the backyard, they even made an appearance on Christmas day!

The new Zactiv range also encourages a range of physical and cognitive skill development such learning about turn taking, persistence (learning a new skill), planning and problem solving

The games are also great for developing eye hand coordination, upper body strength and motor planning which are great foundations skills for kids starting school or for older kids that are wanting further improve these skills further.

Not to mention they are heaps of fun and encourage social engagement.  People walking past in the park would throw a ball back to us and say hello, which gave a lovely community feel. We actually found the adults wanted to have a go just as much as the kids!

Us grown ups may take it for granted on how to throw a ball.  I don’t actually ever remember being taught how to throw a ball but it was naturally just part of my play growing up as a kid in the 80’s.  These days as an occupational therapist, I will be referred children from teachers who will comment that the child doesn’t know how to throw a ball or kick a ball.  For some children these skills will come naturally as there are balls available for them to play with at home, childcare, preschool, school etc. But some children will naturally stay away from these kids of activities and others just won’t have had an opportunity to be taught or learn.  I’ve had a few dads say to me, “I was never good at sports at school so I just didn’t think to buy these sorts of toys.

So I thought it could be beneficial to show these skills so you can spend the time developing them in your child. They may not ever be an Olympic super star but that is not the point.  It encourages so many physical, emotional, cognitive and social benefits that will serve them for years to come.


Colorific were kind enough to send us some of the range which included the Zactiv Helix Sling Stix, the Slingball Classic, the Helix Light up Spinner, the Helix Power Spin Play and for some summer fun the Aqua Gear Splash Shield and Hydro Charger.  The range is good quality and reasonable priced and can be found at K-Mart.

Being active and keeping fit is not always about playing organised team sports, which some children struggle with, but is also about participating in recreational activities that are good for their physical, social and emotional health.  The love of being active starts in childhood and the memories of playing outdoors in the holidays is an all time favourite memory of mine and sure to be yours too.

The range is available from Kmart and other selected retailers. Suitable for 6+ years.


This content is sponsored by Colorific but opinions are of my own.

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