5 Easy DIY Easter Hats & Bonnets:

With end of term on the horizon and Easter only weeks again, many families have the annual duty of creating their child’s Easter Bonnets and Hats DIY style at a moments notice.

We’ve sourced 5 easy DIY Easter Hats and Bonnets that are quick and simple for families to have fun and recreate.

Floral Bunny Ears: This floral headband is perfect for accessorising as much or as little as you like with ribbons, wire and flowers or let your imagination go wild! To save time and money use any headband you have at home and a coat hanger for the ears if you don’t have time to pop down to craft supply shop and flowers, greenery and leaves you may have in your garden. 

Bunny Headband: Simple, cute, quick and easy! Perfect for last minute easter bonnet request with craft materials always lying around the house. Create a colour theme of your child’s choice! If you don’t have all the items handy – improvise… Draw on the eyes, use spaghetti or string for the whiskers. Let the kids get creative with this one.  

Easter Bunny Party Hats: Another simple yet effective easter hat. Use an old or existing party hat or easily make your own, pop on the ears and finish with a pom pom….in minutes you are done…. Voila! 

Carrot Fedora: This cool carrot creation is a favourite in our house; and oh-so simple to recreate! The kids enjoyed making their own version of this at home and LOVED munching and crunching the ends off the carrots to make it = Healthy snack and DIY Easter hat done – tick!

Traditional Easter Hat You really can’t go wrong with a traditional Easter bonnet or hat. Choose a lovely summer hat in the colour of your choice, get the glue gun out and get sticking! Use traditional Easter colours with streamers, ribbons, buttons, cotton wool balls and any decorations you like to whip up your own masterpiece. Get hopping!  

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