Do you have a Dino crazy kid? The Dinosaurs are back at Perth Zoo!

Kids can see their favourite creatures up close including a gigantic T-Rex, Triceratops, Stegasaurus just to name a few at the Perth Zoo until the 20th January, 2019. Grab a map and follow the discovery trail to find and record the creatures they spot on their travels. It is a great way to learn interesting facts about their favourite dinosaurs and see them up close. More Australian prehistoric megafauna will be joining their dinosaur friends later in the year.


This is the perfect area for little palaeontologists to get hands on, uncovering dinosaur fossils hidden in our special digging pits, or get creative with cool dinosaur colouring-ins!

Zoorassic Park Eye to Eye

If you child LOVES Dinosaurs, I would highly recommend the close encounter experience. For just $12pp you can join a Zoorassic Park keeper on a special journey to find out about two lost worlds and one they are working together to save.

The Keeper will guide you through the Dinosaur exhibits and chat to the kids about each dinosaur, their features and what lead to their extinction. Kids are given the chance to ask heaps of questions, hold and see up close casts of dinosaur teeth, claws and plates.

At the end of the tour the kids get to see a reptile up close, learn about how they are similar to the Dinosaurs and how we can protect wildlife today from similar extinction.

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