Peppa Pig’s Surprise – Australian Live Stage Show Touring Now!

Peppa Pig, her family and friends are back in Australia with their excited and fun live stage show.

The live show is full of bright colours, loads of songs, puppets and interactive engagement with the kids! The show really had us wondering how the life-size puppets would work; but they did and exceeded our expectations.

Peppa Pig’s Surprise was a great show that encouraged playtime and adventure outside. Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig created great hype and excitement for Peppa and her younger brother George by arranging a fun surprise and took us all a long for the adventure!

Elijah (3) and I ventured in to Brisbane for a fun morning out. A friend and her beautiful niece joined us…..the kids were beyond excited and jumping around like crazy in anticipation of seeing some of their favourite TV characters live on stage!

With out giving away too much – keep your eyes out as there is a beautiful scene and song using fluorescent lights that creates a magical experience for the audience!

Peppa Pig’s Big Surprise Live Stage Show goes for around 60 minutes (maybe a little too long for restless little ones) but is suitable for all ages.

I have taken my older two children to see Peppa shows when they were little which had mainly puppets and I much preferred the larger characters in this new show. Mummy and Daddy Pig were life size! It really helped to hold their interest for much longer, especially the younger kids (which there was a LOT under 18 months!)

If you have a Peppa Pig fan (Like I do), they will love seeing their favourite characters up close….and I loved seeing the excitement on Elijah and his friends



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