Why STEAM toy Osmo is the perfect at-home learning tool

Navigating life and working from home with children is incredibly tough, especially when factoring in at-home learning and ensuring your child has a healthy and productive amount of screen time.

The pandemic has created a unique juggling act for parents, the balance between entertaining and educating their children whilst trying to manage their own work and life is harder than ever before.

So how can parents keep children engaged in learning throughout lockdowns with an impacted school routine? Enter: Osmo.

Osmo kit

Why use Osmo?

While sitting down and helping children learn can strengthen the bond between parent and child, it is also important to set boundaries – parents can’t be there 100 per cent of the time! Setting time apart – and time together – ensures both you and your children can get into the zone for work and can also look forward to the time you do have together throughout the day. 

Setting your child up with their own educational tools allows them to engage in independent problem solving. Encouraging independence with children lets them take charge of their own learning and helps them build essential life skills like prioritising tasks, time management and problem solving. These skills will translate into a classroom setting and beyond, into adulthood. 

Osmo games and apps offer clear instructions, give feedback and celebrate a child’s successes so they get continuous engagement making it easy for them to track their progress and feel positive rewards of doing well.

What is Osmo?

Osmo is a unique tech accessory that blends fun and education in an exciting suite of games for toddlers and primary school aged children. It is designed with groundbreaking technology that bridges the real and digital worlds – playosmo.com 

The suite of Osmo games include apps that feature drawing, literacy, physics puzzles, spatial reasoning, coding, art and more. And the best part about Osmo? It’s learning disguised as fun!

Healthy Screen Time


In the age of internet and connectivity it’s unrealistic to think children won’t enjoy or request screen  time, but there are ways to ensure your child is developing a healthy relationship with screens.

Educational games are a surefire way to ease guilt associated with screen time, your child is learning as they are playing and they are having the most fun doing it.. When kids engage in meaningful, hands-on tangible play, they trigger the child’s instinct to learn, provide a means for sensory exploration and allow for trial and error.

Osmo leverages technology to allow for tangible play like drawing games for kids, moving tiles and other objects around or using blocks to control all the action that is happening on-screen. The device understands your kid’s commands without touching or speaking to it through a reflector attached to the iPad camera, that sees and reacts to everything that is within its field of view, creating a seemingly magical experience for kids. 

Investing in a game that encourages your children to manipulate the world around them as well as engage with what is on their screen will allow for them to understand how technology can help them grow and learn.

Setting up a routine is a great way to monitor how much time your children are spending with their devices, but for those parenting days where routines are thrown out the window you can feel comfortable knowing that, with Osmo, your children and keeping one foot in reality and one in an exciting world of imagination, technology, learning and AI.

Osmo at-home learning

More time to focus on you


The patience and resolve of parents has been tested more than ever before over the past two years as we all grapple with a global pandemic. Between child care, work, maintaining a home, school and work schedules changing and lockdowns, there’s rarely any time left over for a parent to look after their own needs. Everyone needs a break every now and then without feeling guilty for stepping away. 

This is when all the benefits of Osmo for your children are also beneficial to you. Set your child up with their iPad and Osmo, then set yourself up with that book you’ve been waiting to read for months, or whatever self care needs you’ve been neglecting. Your child will be immersed in a world of learning and fun and you’ll be able to have a moment just for you, double win! 

The same goes for those parents still navigating life at home in lockdowns –  New South Wales & Victoria parents we see you and we’re sending love and support! Have an important work meeting that you need to be uninterrupted for or just need an hour to yourself to smash out an assignment? Osmo is the perfect solution to keeping both you and your child focused in a difficult work environment.

Invest in your child’s future


Osmo is a game that grows with your little one, and is something they can play from their toddler years well into primary school. It’s their personal tutor and an enormous source of fun! 

The great news is Osmo is currently running 25% off select kits via playosmo.com so there has never been a better time to buy.

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