Bounce Inc is a bouncy wonderland for children of all ages, even the big ones!

The options at Bounce Inc are endless and regular go to for our family during school holidays.

But it’s not all bouncing.

There’s also a range of classes such as Bounce Freestyle Academy, Ninja Squad, Flight Squad, School Holiday programs and Mini Bounce Squad.

What is Mini Bounce Squad?

Mini Bounce Squad classes include 45 minutes of structured activity and 15 minutes of independent free jumping time. The activities are age and child appropriate and involve developing children’s minds (cognitive and emotional development) as well as their gross motor skills (movement and physical development). The activities we did on the day we visited were based around an under the sea theme and included warm ups of stretching ‘star fish’ and then pulling a large rope to develop strength, we then moved to an obstacle course, then skipping, balancing, rolling, using scooter boards, then progressed to the small trampoline and learning how to bounce and then it was free time as a class with an instructor.

Who runs the classes?

Accredited Bounce coaches take the classes and encourage an environment where kids and caregivers can learn through play together. The coach we had on the day we visited was brilliant.  My son was a little nervous initially and the coach was able to recognise when it was time to encourage him to be involved in the activity and other times when it was best to allow him to just watch.  This built trust and respect and I could see Elijah’s confidence grow as a result.

Who is it for?

Mini Bounce Squad is for children aged 2 years + and there is a maximum of 8 per class which allows for individualised attention. Parents can participate or sit and watch. Hint there is coffee if you choose to sit up in the viewing area.

Overall I found Mini Bounce Squad to be safe and a great multi sensory environment for preschool aged kids to develop their balance, coordination, strength and agility in a way that focuses on fun, creativity and movement. You can find out more here www.bounceinc.com.au/mini-bounce

Whilst this is a paid collaboration with Bounce Inc, all opinions and blog content are original and genuinely the writer’s own thoughts and opinions.

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