I remember as a teen I LOVED getting my Back to School resources and supplies ready for the new year ahead. I’d spend hours decorating my books and school planner with the latest teen heartthrob from numerous teen magazines. I honestly wish I had the same enthusiasm now as a parent!

Apart from being costly so close after Christmas; finding the time to prepare to even look at back to school requirements is an achievement in itself.

Here are my 3 Avery DIY tips to making Back To School a breeze:

  1. Before anything else…. Do an inventory on stationery supplies that you already have at home, in school bags, in the study shelves. You will be amazed at home much ‘stock’ you already have. Brand new exercise books, full sets of unused colouring pencils are usually lying around spare.
  2. Check uniforms: I remember one year I was ultra organised with my boy’s uniforms and stocked up on new uniforms for the next year in November. By the time January came around none of it fitted (shoes & uniforms) due to a tall growth spurt over Christmas! I like to leave this one closer to school returning now. However, do consider selling your secondhand uniforms no longer required early to assist in contributing to new uniform purchases in the new year.
  3. Labelling: My biggest tip of all – Label, label, label. LABEL EVERYTHING! It costs us a small fortune for each child to be kitted out and prepared with resources for the school. Kids can be a little forgetful and misplace their belongings all the time. By labelling everything yourself minimises the chances of continually lost items and unnecessary and costly replacement. (Extra tip: the teachers and schools LOVE kids and parents that clearly label all belongings.)

Finding quality labels that don’t need replacing constantly and that are durable enough for school life has been easy with Avery Kids label range!  What I love about them is that they have a range for every school item that suits the whole families needs – its so simple to DIY in seconds.

One important highlight I like with Avery Kids Labels is that you can simply handwrite on them yourself to personalise, rather than purchasing and pre-ordering expensive pre-named labels (which I’ve never had any success with!). There is no wait time or cutoffs from ordering on time; simply buy a pack at your local stockist and DIY! (perfect for us parents who forget to put an order in too late or leave this task to the last minute).

By using Avery’s Kids labelling and handwriting details on yourself; you don’t have to get a set of labels pre-made for each child without compromising quality! By doing your labels yourself is far quicker, easier and lighter on the pocket. It really is that simple and easy: write, seal & stick! #Winning

Avery Kids DIY label range is extensive and these are my ‘must-haves’ for families when preparing for 2019 Back to School! All Avery labels below simply require you to handwrite details on to labels with a permanent marker.

No-Iron  Fabric Labels: (40700) I repeat NO-IRON fabric labels. This pack of 45 labels comes in a great selection of sizes for all of your school garments. They are washer and dryer safe and again no-iron required. Simply write your child’s name in permanent marker then press label firmly on clothing item for 5 seconds and it’s done!

Durable Labels: (41413 & 41441) These labels are a great size and can be used for labelling numerous school items – lunchboxes, drink bottles, equipment and electronics. In fact any plastic, wood, metal, rubber, paper, ceramic and glass service. The best thing about these labels they are water and tear-resistant and are dishwasher and microwave safe. They come with 40 or 60 in a pack.

Self-Laminating Heavy Duty Labels: (41434) These labels are a heavy-duty self-laminating label. This pack comes with 48 assorted sizes and shapes in a pack. These bright coloured on-trend labels are the real deal; dishwasher & microwave safe, wipe-able, waterproof and fade resistant! With similar uses as the above durable labels but waterproof. They are so easy to use; just write, seal and stick!

Stationery Durable Labels: (41418 & 41419) Again like all of Avery’s labels they are water and tear-resistant. These packs come with 42 labels in assorted shapes and sizes. These fun kids labels have cool prints or emojis that any boy or girl would love on their school stuff! These on-trend labels are perfect for labelling pens, pencils, rulers and books.

Reinforcement Labels: (5748) These had to be added to the list not just for their functionality but also for the cute factor! (There are 280 in this little pack.) These colourful doughnut print reinforcement rings are a new item in Avery’s back to school options. Forget the smelly pens and glittery diaries – these little labels of cuteness will be on everyone’s back to school wish list for sure! #toocoolforschool

Make things easy for yourself this year with Avery as your Back To School labelling solution and get the kids involved!

Wanting to View Avery kids labels range click here   

10 Other items Avery Kids Label range can be used:

  • DVDs
  • Video Games
  • Electronics – ipads, laptops, gaming consoles
  • Bags/Backpacks
  • Emergency Contact details
  • Day Care items – bottles, hats, sleeping
  • School Camping – sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, plates & cutlery, toiletries
  • Sports Goods, Kit bags & Equipment
  • Mouthguards
  • Dance shoes & apparel

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Author: Kirsty Masterson


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