Book Week

As Book Week approaches, we are here to help with those last minute costume ideas.

Whether you are looking for the ultimate DIY costume or an online purchase; we have something for everyone.

Old Worlds, New Worlds and Other Worlds?


This year the theme-team have been incredibly generous and created an option that literally fits any costume.

Your child wants to go as a Knight? Old Worlds

Your child wants to go as an Astronaut? New Worlds

You child wants to go as a Fairy? Other Worlds

DIY Costumes

For the “I didn’t realise it’s Book Week next week!” parent or creative parent, here are some DIY costume ideas you can create at home:

1. Fairy- Dress, sparkly shoes and wings (optional flower crown)

2. Where’s Wally- Jeans, red and white striped top, white hat with bobble and black glasses.

3. Scarecrow- Jeans/Overalls, checked shirt and straw hat; just add straw everywhere!

4. Charlotte’s Web- Circle of white material with head hole and spiderweb edges cut out, write “some pig” on and draw a spider. Wear with black leggings.

5. The Very Hungry Caterpillar- Any top, pants, four circles of coloured green card (in 2 shades) stapled in a row, red cardboard hat/mask with purple ears and added eyes.


Images from Pinterest

Online Costumes

Shopping online for a last minute costume is now even easier with Costume Box offering Express shipping orders dispatched the same business day when placed before 1:30pm Sydney time.

Costume Box are offering 10% off to our followers with code: whatson10 PLUS they have an amazing $10 gift voucher from ‘That’s Mine‘ with purchases too!

Our Top Picks


1. Harry Potter 

2. Prehistoric 

3. Pirates 

4. Aliens

5. Fairy Tales

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