How You Can have a Laser Tag Party at Home

Whether you’re a parent trying to find the perfect activity for your child’s birthday party or in need of a school event or school holiday program, there’s one activity that is always a great birthday party solution. Laser Tag! 

Laser Tag is especially perfect for that typically tough age group to throw parties for… 

10-year-olds!  Ten-year-olds are confident, active, talkative and willing to give things a go, even pushing the boundaries a bit which so when you have a group of them it can make throwing a birthday party lively and fun but also exhausting and lets be honest at times out of control.

We trialed Laser Tag in the Box for my son’s birthday and it was an absolute hit!   This award-winning business concept which is made in Australia uses harmless infrared (no lasers!) so the equipment is eye-safe.  The best part is anyone in Australia can have a Laser Tag party kit sent to their home. There’s phone support and their website is full of party ideas, cake suggestions and even free invites!

We have a big back yard of open space so we also hired inflatables to add some extra elements of fun and challenge.. 

We had boys and girls, aged from 8-11 years (they recommend a minimum of 5 years because of the weight of packs) and many parents chose to stay to watch to join in!  We kept food simple and had loads of drinks and ice to keep them cool. They didn’t want to go home!

Here are just a few of the best reasons why you should have a laser tag birthday party this year.

Everyone Has a Good Time

One of the best things about laser tag is that it appeals to just about everyone. From young kids to middle-aged adults, everyone can enjoy a game of laser tag. It’s an activity that spans generational gaps and is fun for everybody. You can adapt the rules to give the younger ones a chance and mix teams according to abilities and ages.

Got a Fortnite fan? The classic Battle Royale game places 100 gamers on a remote island for a winner-takes-all showdown. Of course you don’t need 100 players to make it fun! Battle Royale can be played in teams or solo (free-for-all). Rent a “Battle Royale” box and it issues automatically radio signal that shrinks the size of the playing field as game does on. After about 5 minutes the gaming circle will only have a radius of a few metres. The winner is the last gamer standing!  See more ideas here https://lasertag.com.au/blog/how-to-throw-a-fortnite-birthday-party

It’s a Low-Effort Party

Despite what people say, having a party at a venue still takes a great deal of effort and work.  Transporting everything alone takes time and adds to stress levels on the day. When you book a party at a laser tag in a boy party ti come to your door and you don’t have to rush off anywhere or bring home a carload of presents and party supplies.

It’s a Fun & Physical 

Kids spend way too much time sitting around and staring at screens these days. A laser tag party gets them up and active and introduces them to another way to stay fit and healthy. They also burn off all the party food and everybody goes home nice and tired and ready to bed that night.  Parents rejoice!

Test Your Survival Skills

Laser tag is a great way to test your abilities. You’ll be in a dark room, hunting down your rivals, and being stealthy. But make it more than just a game. Channel your creativity, plot out a plan with your team, be in character, and see who comes out the victor in a fun-filled and exhilarating game!

They Come to You! 

The mobile laser tag equipment is 100% portable. No commute and delivering the fun to you. No need to battle through traffic or fight over a car park. Laser Tag games can be played in your place. In your backyard, at a Scout camp, a Sports Centre, school camps or even in a local park. With a laser tag rental, we provide you with everything you need to run your own Laser Tag party or event, either delivered directly to your door nationwide or collected from our shop in Brisbane.

Laser Tag in a  Box is based in Brisbane but ship across Australia. Families and event organisers from Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne and right across the east coast can enjoy a kids’ party with laser tag hire. 

Laser Tag In A Box is the ultimate hi-tech hide-and-seek party fun. 

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