My 3 year old really enjoys watching Lah-Lah’s Big Adventures on ABC Kids, so he was very excited to be invited to see Lah-Lah Live on Stage! For those not familiar with Lah-Lah’s Big Adventues it is a popular show on ABC Kids featuring Lah-Lah and her band as they journey through many different adventures. As a parent I really like the fact that the show introduces children to a range of instruments and music styles at a young age, and of course the kids love their catchy songs.

Lining up to enter the concert there was a sea of kids dressed in red and lots with red and white stripy socks!

The seating for the venue we went to was unallocated with plenty of seats available plus room on the floor for the little ones to dance and move around.  Both my kids (3 and 6 years) are happy to sit for long periods of time, however I really like the venues where there is room for the kids to move around if they would like to and burn off that excess energy. Most kids at the concert seemed to range from babies through to 7 year olds.

It didn’t take long before the kids were up and dancing once Lah-Lah and the band started playing their key song “Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band”. The kids were really intrigued with the instruments. Lots of the kids were copying the band with their imaginary instruments and others dancing along, only stopping momentarily to do the actions to ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’. From jazz, classical to pop…. the kids enjoyed a range of different songs. I love the fact that the band exposes kids to a wide range of music and instruments.

As a parent, I really appreciated Tina’s (Lah-Lah’s) beautiful voice and the talented band playing the saxophone, drums, double bass and accordion. Clearly Tina is a classically trained singer. I have taken the kids to lots of different concerts over the years, all of which the kids enjoyed, however I have often thought that the singing and music was just ‘so, so’. Lah-Lah and her Band have taken kids entertainment to the next level with their team of highly trained musicians. The highlight for me was her rendition of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’. Tina’s (aka Lah-Lah’s) beautiful voice gave me goosebumps as I sat back and enjoyed her song.

Miss 6, almost 7 learns the violin at school so she was particularly interested in the instruments, especially Buzz on the double bass. She was amazed at how fast his hands moved and was on the edge of her seat watching them. Master 3 enjoyed singing and dancing to some of the songs he has recognized from watching Lah-lah on TV. His favourites were ‘Brush Your Teeth’, ‘Sing it Loud’ and of course their title song ‘Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band.

The concert went for about an hour with no interval and was the perfect duration for the kids. It was a wonderful concert with lots of interaction between the band and audience members.

Merchandise and CD’s/DVD’s were available for sale at the concert. Unlike many concerts they were well priced (About $15 for a DVD/CD) and had a good selection on offer for those little Lah-Lah fans.

After the concert the band came out and all the kids were given the chance to meet Lah-Lah and the band. I didn’t think much about the meet and greet prior to the concert, however this was actually one of the main highlights of the show. I stood back and watched the excitement and intrigue on all the kids faces as they met the band and were given the opportunity to have photos and even play some of the instruments. It is a great way to introduce the kids to instruments and a love of music and the band are clearly passionate about sharing their love of music.

lah lah lah lah

If you are looking at taking the kids to a live show this year, I would highly recommend taking the kids to see Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band Live on Stage.

See their latest Tour Schedule HERE

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