A classic Aussie Christmas consists of ‘Sun, Swimming and Santa’ for so many families! 

The weeks leading up to Christmas in Australia – usually means getting our outdoor areas up to scratch for the Christmas and New Year period. 

Mowing the lawn (including mowing a boxing day cricket pitch), refilling the BBQ gas bottle and making sure the pièce de résistance ‘The Pool’ is looking perfect! 

Getting the pool right is usually the hardest and most time-consuming task; but not anymore as we’ve converted over to a Mineral Swim system.

Apart from the natural health benefits of the Dead Sea Minerals, the Mineral Swim system has this unique quality of making your pool sparkle and clear at all times like never before. The water is relaxing, rejuvenating and feels so soft on your skin – making it even more perfect for all family members to enjoy on Christmas Day and beyond! We’ve had no itchy skin, stinging eyes or issues keeping the pool sparkly and clear since converting over. 

If Santa is bringing your family a pool this year, consider the health benefits of having a Mineral Swim Pool. For all existing family pool owners, it’s not too late to convert your pool over to a Mineral Swim Pool in time for your Aussie Christmas and peak swimming season.  It’s generally a very simple process, so quick and easy to change over (around 1.5hrs); making it even more hassle-free for busy families. 

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