Choosing a theme for your child’s next birthday party can be tricky. One minute they are in love with one craze, then next minute it’s another. By choosing a classic theme that NEVER goes out of fashion is our biggest ‘kids party tip’ we can give you. That’s why a Play-Doh party will be a hit for not only the birthday child but their little guests too! A Play-Doh themed party is perfect; it’s bright, it’s fun, it’s educational, it’s relatable and I’ve never met a child who doesn’t love it! To keep things simple and fuss free here are a few Play-Doh party ideas we’ve come up with.

Easy Homemade Play-Doh Cake Ideas

Ice vanilla cupcakes with wonderfully bright colours (like Play-Doh) and pop them (with their wrappers still on) into cleaned Play-Doh containers to serve.  Or ice a cake with fondant and decorate with Play-Doh party size pots and accessories! Viola!

Play-Doh Invitation Ideas

Invitations can be created quickly and affordably via Canva or outsource it to someone on Etsy.

Play-Doh Party Game Ideas

Creation Station: Set up a Play-Doh table filled with Play-Doh pots, cutters, rolling pins, and ‘sprinkles’ decorations (glitter, sprinkles, candles, cupcake cases/papers) Let the kids imagination run wild whilst they make their own Play-Doh cupcake creations.

Play-Doh Ping Pong Spiral Maze: Kids make a big Play-Doh Spiral each. Place a ping pong ball at the start of their spiral. Child blows through a straw to make the ping pong ball go around the spiral course.  First to complete wins.

Play-Doh Pictionary: This one is a good one for team work & fine motor skills! Divide the group into teams. Give each team Play-Doh. We like to give each team a few different colors. Print off cards with some *basic words on each of them. Each team gets a set. When you say “GO”, one person from each team will choose a word out of the set of cards . They will attempt to “SCULPT” that word for their team using the play-dough. No talking, making noises or using actions is allowed. They can only use the play-dough. The rest of their team is trying to guess what they are making. The team to get to 5 correct guesses first, wins.
*Basic Words can be e.g apple, banana, grapes, dog, cat, pig, bird, bat, toothbrush, candle, car, bus, plane, sun, moon. Harder words can be chosen for older children.

Party Entertainers

Glass Slipper Entertainment held a princess Play-Doh party and you can check out their party ideas below in the video.

Dez from The Dinosaur Box helps shows just how easy, educational and important it is to party with Play-Doh and how fun it can be as a party theme!

Play-Doh Party Decoration Ideas

Bright, Bright, Bright is the key here!

  • Make colourful bunting by cutting out circles of bright coloured card and hanging by string or bright coloured homemade paper chains hanging around the room.  (image source here.)

  • Use big bunches of helium Play-Doh coloured balloons scattered around the party area
  • Have Cut outs of Play-Doh Pots with the child’s age number in the middle of the pots
  • Use bright table cloths and napkins
  • Image via Catch My Party

Play-Doh Gift Bags Ideas

You can use your decorations as part of the gift bags.  Stack some party sized Play-Doh tubs in pyramid shapes and at the end of the party children can choose some to take home. You can buy Play-Doh party size tubs from Big W here.

If you prefer a ready made loot bag; fill brightly coloured loot bags, buckets, or boxes with a couple of pots of Play-Doh, a rolling pin and some Play-Doh cutters. Label each bag with the guests name.

Image via Catch My Party

Play-Doh Party Food Ideas

Colourful Play-Doh cookies (Image source from here) or even a Doh’-Nut bar is a creative idea for your Play-Doh party! As for savoury food, fill larger bright yellow buckets with savoury snacks or coloured round plates to resemble Play-Doh balls.

This blog was written as part of a collaboration with Hasbro (Play-Doh). We are working with Play-Doh to create a series of blog content on how to encourage child development through one of the worlds most well known and popular forms of play.  Play-Doh is affordable and accessible and can be modified according to the task required.

You can buy Play-Doh from Target, K-Mart, Big W, independent toy stores and on Amazon here.

Amy Sales is the Owner/Director of Glass Slipper Entertainment; a character provider for parties, events and charity functions. She combined her passion for working with children and performing to create this company that ensures magical experiences are affordable for all. They have been nominated for national awards since their first year and now continue to spread the magic in Adelaide as well as Perth. Being a Centre Manager for a childcare goes hand in hand with this role and this educational background gave the foundation for our Princess Play-Doh party. Glass Slipper Entertainment are based in Perth & Adelaide and can be booked from here.

Dez, owner and creator of Perth’s original children’s show The Dinosaur Box, is also a mental health worker a mum of two and is passionate about children’s expression, always helping them to find a way to speak up and ROAR their ROAR!  The Dinosaur Box are 100% original and provide entertainment for community events, corporate functions, support acts, parties, school and daycare incursions and more! You can even book Dez for present or host your next event or video. Dez can be book through here or you can find them on Instagram TheDinosaurBox or as Thewolters.

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