Creating the magical and enchanted City of Agrabah is the perfect setting for your little Aladdin’s & Princess Jasmine’s next birthday party. The great thing about choosing the Aladdin theme is that you can do as little or as much as you want and still create a successful themed kids party.

Colours: Rich purples, turquoise, pinks, blues and golds are the key to pulling of this enchanted party together.

Decorations/Staging: Create a “Cave of Wonders”, The “Sultan’s Palace” or an Arabian Desert. Use lots of jewels, sparkly gems, strings of colourful beading, tuile, cushions, and a ‘flying carpet’ to recreate the mysterious city of Agrabah. Hang colourful scarves, drape fine material from the ceiling for added effect, scatter some comfy pillows or beanbags around. Don’t forget to let the kids make a wish with a place for magic gold lamps and a Genie! 


Performers: make your child’s party even more spectacular with hiring a Princess Jasmine and Aladdin performer. Let these highly regarded children’s entertainers pop in for a visit to sing a song or two, play some games with the kids, and make the birthday child and their friends feel fabulous on their day.

One of our favourite performers we like to use is Glass Slipper Entertainment. They make sure there is plenty of fun, fantasy and photo opportunities on the day! Their professional characters make each child believe that they have been in the presence of their hero; ensuring memories that will last a lifetime!


Food: Jazz cups, cutlery with stick on gems, golden touches to add a real enchanted feel and line table with brightly coloured cloth. Genie Juice is a must beverage for any Aladdin Party, Magical Carpet Pizzas (use rectangular cut bases or flat breads), platters of hummus with bright colour vegetable sticks to accompany and some fruit kebabs that would Abu would devour in a heartbeat! 

Craft: A simple idea would be to let the kids make their own jewelled cuffs with some gold sprayed toilet rolls and pasta shapes (elbow macaroni looks great to use) that the kids can adorne by sticking with glue or a gem filled neck collar with cardboard and stick on colourful gems. 

Music: Create your own Aladdin playlist – we love using Spotify Premium (due to no adds and continuous play) to pump out all our Aladdin favourites like “A Whole New World” and “Friend Like Me”! 

Games: Make your own version of Pin-The-Tail with a Pin the Wish on the Genie Bottle game, or make a spin of Simon-Says to Genie Says, Musical Chairs are replaced with Magical Flying Carpets (using tea towels, door mats or place mats), 

Goody Bags: Consider making some “Friend like me” friendship bracelets, chocolate gold coins, Aladdin Slime or Play-doh in Aladdin inspired colours.

If you’d like more Aladdin inspired kids parties ideas head to our Pinterest Page


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