The Big Wedgie is a family-friendly inflatable waterslide event, held during school holidays at locations across the country. It has not 1 BUT 4 awesome inflatable waterslides; and we can guarantee The Big Wedgie has something perfect for all ages and thrill-levels! We recently had an amazing family day out at the Gold Coast location during School Holidays; it was so good in fact, we just had to share!

Let’s get down to the important stuff and take you through each waterslide:

  1. The Big Wedgie is the world’s TALLEST and most EXTREME inflatable waterslide – it even has a world record to prove it! The Big Wedgie is also a 4-lane racer, so you can have a blast rocketing down the steep slope racing your friends or family at the same time!
  2. The Big Chucka is the most extreme slide! If you are a thrill-seeker this is the one for you, as it will give you an unimaginable wedgie! Flying up to 9m to then land on an inflatable landing pad! The Big Chucka is loads of fun and a real crowd-pleaser.

  1. The Just Right Wedgie is the perfect waterslide for those looking for a wedgie that’s not too big, not too small, but as the name suggests…just right! This slide is awesome fun for kids ages 3 and up.
  2. The Little Wedgie is the smallest wedgie of them all! A mini-version of The Big Wedgie, it’s perfect for young ones aged 3-5 years. 

Click here to see if The Big Wedgie will be coming to a city near you these School Holidays!

Our Verdict: 

  • Both my boys (8 & 11 years) thought it was an “epic” day, and agreed that starting with the medium sized “Just Right” wedgie was the way to go first; so that you can build up some confidence for the Big Wedgie. 

Mum Tip –  There are lots of tables with umbrellas right at the end of the slides so you can watch the kids in shaded comfort. As an additional bonus, entry is free for spectators – so if parents are just coming to sit and watch, there’s no cost!

  • The Little Wedgie has a lot of seating around it too, so you can keep a good eye on the littlest ones.
  • Slow motion videos of the kids coming out of the “Big Chucka” look fantastic! So get your cameras ready, the boys and I had a great laugh looking at these over and over again!
  • Master 11: “When you first get to the top of the Big Chucka and the Big Wedgie it looks crazy steep and a bit scary, but once you try it once you’ll see how much fun it was – I couldn’t get enough!” 

Mum Tip – It IS exhausting running up the stairs over and over again (which is part of the water slide fun!!), so take some snacks for a quick recharge break and sunscreen reapply. BYO food is welcomed and ice blocks and drinks are for sale on site. 

  • Master 11: “You can race your friends down the “Big” and the “Just Right”  Wedgies which makes it even more fun!”
  • As the slides live up to their names, You DO get wedgies…so wearing board shorts is a must if you want to minimise ‘the Wedgie factor’! 

Final Mum Tip – Plan an early dinner and bedtime…it’s 5.30pm and my two have worked up an appetite and are begging for dinner and bed! #winning 

If you are looking for a family day out filled with fun and laughter and one that will wear the kids out…… Make sure to include going to The Big Wedgie, open every day these Summer School Holidays.

Open EVERY day these Summer School Holidays in:

Adelaide: Click here for location and dates

Gold Coast: Click here for location and dates

Perth: Click here for location and dates

Please note: This is a sponsored blog with The Big Wedgie. However, ALL thoughts, opinions, reviews and recommendations are true to the writer’s own beliefs and are in their own words.

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