Gender Reveal Party

The Gender Reveal party has quickly become the new craze across Australia, so what is it?

The party is held in the early-to-mid period of the second trimester of a woman’s pregnancy. The gender reveal party allows friends and families to be present when finding out the gender of the expected child/ren in a celebration, not dissimilar to a baby shower. Sometimes the parents will already know the gender and just be revealing it to others, however, most of the time it is a surprise for everyone and therefore, a very special moment for all involved.

Whether you choose to reveal your child’s gender through a smash cake, balloon or even while doing a burnout with coloured smoke; there is a gender reveal option for everyone.

Where to start?

First, let’s start with an Australian company dedicated to these celebrations.

Gender Reveals Australia, is a one-stop online shop with a unique and expanding range that has something for everyone, creating a sense of excitement for every gender reveal celebration.

If you’re planning to reveal the gender of your baby then use some of their popular and creative gender reveal products such aGender Reveal Confetti Cannons and Gender Reveal Smoke Cannons.

The Theme

For me, the theme is best part! You get to plan everything around it and choose decorations to match. The theme gives a chance to have some fun and get creative.

Some popular Gender Reveal themes are:

1. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, how we wonder what your are?

2. Ties or Tutus?

3. What will baby Bee?

4. Prince or Princess

5. Waddle it be?


The Cake

Whether you decide to have your cake made by a professional or choose to make it yourself, there is a huge array of ideas on Pinterest.

The size and design of the cake will depend on how many you have attending the party and whether the cake is revealing the gender or just for eating. Remember, if you are making the cake yourself, you want things to be as stress free as possible on the day so try not choose a cake that requires you to do a lot of work on the morning of the party. The last thing you need is the stress of a cake fail to upset things on the day.

Happiest Baby has also put together an amazing list of great Gender Reveal cakes.

Images from happiestbaby.com.au

The Decorations

Choosing your items to style the party, to match your theme, can seem impossible. We find it is best to start with a basic checklist of what you will need, some ideas:

  • Decorations- Balloons, centerpieces, signage and garlands etc
  • Tableware- Plates, cups and napkins etc
  • Cake Accessories- Cake topper and stands etc
  • Favours
  • Props

Using this checklist, you can then visit your chosen shop to purchase all of the pieces you need.

Favor Lane is our go-to for partyware. They have a great range of products available across all areas of that checklist, making it easy to find what you need with their online shop, categorised by item type and theme!

There you have it, everything you need to pull together a memorable Gender Reveal party (just add food and guests). We would love to hear in the comments if you have any suggestions we have missed or if you have done a Gender Reveal party yourself using any of the suggestions above.

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