Bluey Party Ideas

From the moment Bluey aired on our TV screens back in 2018 all of Australia have become a little obsessed. Bluey has quickly become a hit with children and parents alike with Bandit and Chilli becoming “parenting goals” for many Aussie parents. Bluey and Bingo have their audiences captivated and that is made apparent by the Bluey series being picked up by Disney in 2019. With all of Bluey’s success we are expecting a big year of Bluey birthday parties. We have made things a little bit easier for you by collating all the best Bluey party ideas in one place. 

Bluey Party Invitations 

First, let’s start with the invitations. You want to get the invites out at least two weeks before the party. Also make sure you add an RSVP date to be able to confirm numbers. Give yourself a little time after the cut-off date as we all know how busy mum life can be and you will probably get some late RSVP’s. We have put together a Pinterest board for Bluey party invitations ideas

Images from Pinterest 

Bluey Birthday Cake 

Whether you decide to have your cake made by a professional or choose to make it yourself there is a huge array of ideas for Bluey party cakes on Pinterest. We have put together a board of Bluey Birthday cake ideas.  The size and design of the cake will depend on how many you have attending the party and the level of skill required to make the cake you choose. Remember that on the day of the party you want things to be as stress free as possible so try not choose a cake that requires you to do a lot of work on the morning of the party. The last thing you need is the stress of a cake fail to upset things on the day, although I’m sure your little birthday girl/boy will be happy with whatever cake they have. It is cake after all! Mouths of mums has also put together an amazing list of 8 great Bluey cakes

Image from Mouthsofmums.com

Bluey Party Decorations 

For me the decorations are the fun part! Plus it’s a party task you can get the kids involved in. Bluey.tv have a selection of party decorations available on their site for download. There are cupcake toppers, bunting, ears hats and masks in a variety of Bluey characters like Bingo, Coco, Mackenzie & more! The downloads have a list fo all the materials needed as ell as a step by step on how to create them. So have some fun and get creative. 

Images from Bluey.tv

Bluey Party Food 

Bluey.tv have again come to the party and provided a great recipe for Bluey & Bingo biscuits. We however love the very clever idea from Bron from a Facebook group Party Mums. Bron used scenes and sayings from the tv series to create food appropriate signs like “bum worms” and used chocolate snakes and spring rolls with the scene from the episode “Takeaway”. It really goes to show that with a little imagination and creativity you can pull together a really awesome party. 

There you have it, everything you need to pull together a pretty awesome Bluey party. We would love to hear in the comments if you have any suggestions we have missed or if you have done a Bluey party yourself using any of the suggestions above. The Bluey TV series has been a huge success and will be a party theme that’s here to stay.

You can now dance with Bluey for real life by activating dance mode on your smart device. 

Bluey Dance Mode

Image from abc.net.au

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