Do you also hate seeing your kid in front of the phone all the time and wish there was a fun way to get them outside? 

We get it and are happy to offer you a perfect solution – push scooters!

Scooting has many health benefits, particularly for children. Of course, like all sports, it has a danger of injury. But the advantages with the proper equipment and adequate supervision outweigh the demerits. 

Don’t believe us? The below reasons will surely convince you!

They Improve Balance

In the initial years, developing a sense of balance is crucial for any child’s development. This is why scooting can be helpful. 

It requires children to stand up straight and balance on one leg while simultaneously kicking with the other. For younger children, some kids’ scooters, such as the inokim electric scooter, usually have a ‘lean-to steer’ feature plus a lock on the steering option that improves balance as they lean through an entire ride.

Motor Skill Development

Scooting requires the rider to use their legs and arms separately, aiding in fine-tuning their motor abilities. One foot kicks and the hands are at the handlebars to balance the scooter. 

Moreover, the rider’s eyes pay attention to where they are headed and watch out for obstacles. If the child needs to stop, they’ll need to apply one foot to the rear fender’s brake pad or slow down enough to put the other foot on the ground.

Muscle Development

Balancing a push scooter requires core strength, and propelling the scooter requires leg strength, speed and rapid decision-making abilities. All these contribute to your little champ’s muscle development.

Moreover, if a child pushes the scooter from rest, their ankle, calf muscles, hamstrings, and glutes are activated and re-engaged in the process.

As push scooters require the rider to stand upright, it helps strengthen the core muscles, including the lower and abdominal muscles. Long story short, such scooters can be a fantastic option to boost muscle strength and development.

Improves Coordination

Being adept at steering, kicking, balancing, and braking simultaneously can be a huge help to a child’s coordination skills. 

As the kids ride these wheeled scooters, their coordination concerning various controls will also improve. This will help them ride the two-wheelers better in the future. 

Decision Making Skills

Riding on push scooters requires extensive critical thinking abilities. The kid must make quick decisions, such as slowing the scooter, stopping and turning, and how far to lean to maintain the speed. 

Another great example can be identifying obstacles and then deciding the best response to avoid them. The child must quickly consider what force they should apply to the brake to stop on time or when and which direction to pivot to stay clear of it. 

Push scooters are an excellent way to teach your child to think about decisions and weigh their options swiftly.

Improves Cardiovascular Endurance

When your kid has become comfortable on the scooter, they’d want to move faster. To do that, they must kick strongly. 

The more they kick, the more blood their hearts will require to circulate, as well as the faster their lungs are working to pump oxygen. This is why riding a push scooter can be an excellent workout option!

Final Word

The truth is, kids love fun – they don’t care whether that activity is beneficial for their skill development or not. As a parent, it is your responsibility to infuse learning in fun activities, and push scooters can be an excellent way. 

We hope the above tips were helpful!

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