Let’s face it, kids don’t love having their hair brushed!

They’re usually too busy with places to go, people to see, but for us, as parents, it is important to have them neatly groomed and well presented (as often as possible!) Besides; brushing messy, knotty hair can really hurt!

Cue the daily drama – it’s a real nightmare for many families each day! 

Well not anymore.

Happy Hair Brush is true to its name; making kids and parents across the country ‘happy’, a brush that has been magically designed so that there is no pain, no breakages & knots come out easily & quickly – on ALL hair types! There’s even a super soft version for children with sensory needs.

Here are our top 10 reasons why Happy Hair Brush is the perfect companion for your family:

  1. It’s ideal for all hair types – long or short hair, curly or straight, thick or fine, wet or dry hair.  It is the best detangling hairbrush available, for boys, girls, mums dads and even pets – perfect for the whole family!
  2. It’s great for after swimming – it seriously glides over wet hair (I can vouch for that!)
  3. It’s easily the best brush for a pain-free dance bun, cheer pigtails or gymnastics ponytails – a few glides through the hair and it’s done in no time.
  4. It’s unbeatable to taming those wild toddlers and their locks – great for kids that hate having their hair brushed… “knot a problem”.
  5. They are available in loads of colours to suit your personality.
  6. They have sensory brush available – for an even softer brush (but just as effective) for those that are very sensitive to hair pulling.

7. Happy Hair Brush also have a travel brush option – great for the school bag, sleepovers, and school camps.

8. This brush glides through the hair with ease – smoothing out any tangles or knots without the discomfort and tears. I’ve even found by doing this our hair looks even shinier. Bonus!

9. This hairbrush is perfect for that quick after school ‘tidy up’ before the kids head on to an afternoon full of activities.

10. Finally, forget the myth that boys don’t like to bother brushing their hair! Today boys are keen groomers and are looking up to their sporting role models more and more – AFL, soccer, rugby, tennis you name it… a quick brush to style is easy-peasy thanks to Happy Hair Brush.
If you’re wanting a hairbrush that truly delivers for your family members; you must check out Happy Hair Brush! Grab a couple!  Use discount code WHATSON for 10% off.

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Please note: This is a sponsored blog with Happy Hair Brush. However, all thoughts, opinions and recommendations are true to the writer’s own independent beliefs and are in their own words.

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