For me, I love nothing more than receiving home made gifts.  I would rather a homemade gift from my kids than any store-bought gifts and I am always excited to open the gifts they made for me at school on Christmas morning.

Making homemade gifts is a great way to spend time with your family and also a great way to give your family and friends that special something at Christmas that was not only made with love but also won’t break your bank account at what is generally a very costly time of year.   Here are a few special gift ideas and links to their tutorials that would be perfect for gifts for teachers, parents and grandparents.

1. Terrariums are mini gardens that are planted in glass jars or similar.  Along with little plants you can add tiny figurines of people or animals to give it your own special touch.  Image & tutorial via All Dressed in Blue.

2. Mini Cookie Snow globes.  Make and decorate your own cookies and then display them as a little snow globe.  Such a cute idea and lots of fun for the kids to create.  Image & tutorial from Bee in our Bonnet  via I Heart Naptime (follow this link for the tutorial). 

3. Mistletoe’s pictures.  I adore this idea and it would be especially cute for any new babies in the family.  Image and tutorial via Pinky for Pink. 

4. Hand Print Pillow.  Image and tutorial via Sugar Bee Crafts. 

5.  Reasons why I love you jars.  Fill a jar with all the reasons why they love the gift recipient.  I would love to receive one of these from my kids, how special!  Image and tutorial via Better Homes & Gardens. 

6. Peppermint Cookie Fudge.  Yum!  Image and tutorial via Bubble and Sweet.

7.  Make gorgeous handmade Christmas cards or gift tags with paint swatches.  Image and tutorial via Angela Sgro Designs.  

8.  Handmade soaps.  So many gorgeous colours and scents you could use.  If making soaps for children make clear soaps and add in cute little toy figurines.  Image and tutorial via Gluesticks. 

Happy Christmas!

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