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These upcoming holidays Code Camp has an incredible assortment of interesting programs for kids.

Code Camp’s are 2 – 3 day, in-person and online programs that are both educational and fun.

Code Camp has courses for everything tech – From learning how to fly and code your own drone, to web building, YouTube video creating and mastering the art of DJing.

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Manage screen time wisely by encouraging a love of coding these school holidays.

If there’s one thing that any parent knows, it’s that screens are here to stay. With device time now a big part of kids’ lives, you might be wondering how to manage your children’s time wisely over the upcoming April school holidays. Rather than letting kids get too wrapped up in endless games and videos, why not encourage their interest in a healthy way by encouraging them to actually learn how to code. Code Camp – Australia’s leading school holiday camp for kids aged 5 – 13 – has an incredible assortment of interesting programs for kids in their 2-3 day in person and online programs. And who knows – your child’s interest may be sparked so much that they become the next Steve Jobs or STEM whiz later on!
With registrations filling fast and some programs selling out last holidays, check out these programs below:



Last summer’s brand-new Drone Camp (ages 9-13) proved to be incredibly popular. All initial camps sold out in just a few days, which resulted in extra camps being put on – which also sold out. More than 400 kids attended one of the 31 Drone Camps held at 29 different venues across Australia, completing an incredible 2,500 drone missions. Hayley Markham, Code Camp co-founder / COO and mother of three, said, “One of the most important drone missions we embark on at Code Camp involves project-based learning to use drones when searching for koalas to track their population numbers. Kids can also channel their inner David Attenborough and make a documentary film along the way. “This is particularly critical learning for kids at a time when government officials have declared koalas endangered across much of eastern Australia, citing the impacts of drought, bush fires and habitat loss on the country’s dwindling marsupial population. “We aren’t just teaching kids how to fly drones for fun, we are teaching them the importance of drone technology in society, educating them to be socially aware and in this instance, to grasp the importance of conservation efforts to ensure a healthy future for koalas.”



Created in collaboration with professional DJs, DJ Camp (ages 8-13) has been incredibly popular since launching. Here Australia’s next hottest young DJs of tomorrow take their first steps into the exciting world of mixing music to create unforgettable experiences. Over two days, budding music makers learn from real DJs and producers how to create and code  their very own mix, develop a DJ persona and brand, design their logo plus a poster and some cool merchandise. They then end on a high performing their own CODEchella track for their classmates. “We start kids off at the beginning explaining what DJing is really all about, with song structure, counting beats and different genres,” said Ms Markham.  “Then it’s time to plug in and play around on the decks to get a grip on what each control does. Our talented instructors teach students everything they need to know to create awesome sounds.” 


For game creators of the future, Code Your Own DC Superhero Game (ages 7-12), will be on offer again for the last time. Here kids will design, code and create an awesome game with Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. “Experienced tutors assist kids using DC themed backgrounds and collectibles, special power-ups and even shrinking potions. Kids will use a mix of creative level design, storytelling and problem-solving,” said Code Camp co-founder Ben Levi. “For kids new to coding, the Spark camp is where everyone starts their journey. Here kids learn to design their own arcade-style DC Super Hero game with logic and drag and drop coding. Meanwhile, for kids ready to take their coding skills to the next level at Ignite, they will use drag and drop coding plus advance to JavaScript coding to build their games.”

Since 2013 Code Camp has inspired more than 100,000 kids in over 350 schools across Australia to unleash imaginative ideas through technology, so it’s worth checking out if you need a break from your offspring for a few days!
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