Kids are naturally curious and want to learn about the world around them. Now is the perfect time to take part in some fun and engaging STEM projects, online classes and streamed lessons.

There are many businesses who are offering online classes which is a great way to break up the day and to keep the kids continuing their classes and working on their skills. Whether it be online science classes, coding, robotics, typing, gaming or maths…there is something that will suit kids with a variety of interests.

Technology (Coding, Gaming, Robotics)

Junior Engineers’ Virtual Coding delivers an awesome experience in online coding education for kids, from the comfort of home!

This program provides access to Junior Engineers’ award-winning online coding platform called CodeMonkey, supported by virtual coaching sessions, delivered by Junior Engineers’ network of qualified Coding Coaches. Virtual Coding is the perfect solution to keep you kids engaged, entertained and educated throughout the school holiday period and in Term 2.  The also have some FREE classes on offer..
STEM Punks has launched their ONLINE learning platform for kids to learn STEM at home. The award-winning classes are designed by leading innovators to enable a mindset of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Their professional teachers and innovators will lead kids through their STEM learning journey, with all content linked to the Curriculum.
Check out their FREE live classes (suitable for Primary and High School Students) which are broadcast every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on Facebook and YouTube. They offer FREE classes online as well as value bundles where you can access all content for less than a dollar a day. So much fun to be had at home learning STEM with their team of professional educators.


Join Australia’s award winning science communicators Street Science for a FREE AND highly engaging science lesson to start the day. Perfect for all abilities and targeted at kids aged 5 through to 13 years old. Experience a different Digital Classroom Broadcast LIVE EVERY DAY at 10am (QLD).
Street Science also have a monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly and annual online subscription available to their Learning Lab with a free 5 Day Trial available to new users. The Learning Lab’s engaging and exciting content is curriculum aligned and delivered by their expert team of educators and scientists from Brisbane, Australia. REAL Scientists performing REAL experiments from our lab to engage and excite.
Science lessons are accessible on over 1000 devices including iOS devices, Android devices, MACs, PCs, streaming media boxes such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Nexus Player. Subscribe here.

National Geographic Online features some engaging and curriculum-led teaching ideas and accompanying resource sheets aligned with the National Curriculum. 

This NASA initiative covers a wide range of topics including weather, climate, atmosphere, water, energy, plants, and animals.

Innerbody explores the 11 bodily systems in depth. With interactive models and detailed explanations, this website will help them learn more about the internal mechanics of the amazing human body.


Coming Soon

We have lots of wonderful Science, Technology and Engineering businesses finalising their online programs at the moment. Check back daily for updates and new STEM content. 

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