As a parent, I feel I have a love/hate relationship with LEGO. I mean, I know it’s not up there with the dislikes of sparkly glitter or bean bag filler BUT seeing a sea of tiny colourful bricks all over the house can give me shivers! (I doubt anyone else would disagree that hearing the sound of kids tipping out full buckets of LEGO can produce instant tears from parents around the globe!)

We’ve spent a sizeable fortune on the stuff and my kids absolutely LOVE it! I really needed to find a solution fast! After the huge success of LEGO Masters (our family was hooked), I was inspired to re-evaluate my relationship with LEGO for the good of the family.

As I marvelled at the storage set up on the show, I really wanted to organise a modified storage solution that could work for my family – of course it had to resemble a ‘candy store’ of sorts with LEGO for our home.

I raided the cupboards for a selection of containers: large and small, takeaway containers, lunch boxes, jars with lids and even an empty chocolate box! Let your imagination (or budget) run wild.

To label these storage containers, I couldn’t go past Avery’s DIY labels. Avery labels have always been the go-to for labelling solution for me – they come in a great selection of sizes and colours to suit your needs; and the quality and durability is second to none! (FYI – I’m a huge fan of their kids school labels range for lunchboxes and books!)  The kids enjoyed writing on their ‘own labels’ with their favourite colours and pens and I tried hard not to take over!

If you’d like to choose your own type of labels for your own unique LEGO storage and organising, head over to Avery

What I loved about this LEGO storage activity, was the benefits we all received by sorting , storing and organising together. It assisted with our:

~ Fine Motor Control

~ Colours, Shapes & Patterns

~ Hand/Eye Co-ordination

~ Problem Solving

~ Matching & Sorting

~ Concentration

~ Language Development

~ And Determination (especially from me to complete task with a permanent solution!!)

The kids loved the final outcome, I really think they have a greater appreciation for their LEGO since organising and sorting their very own LEGO Masters DIY storage! I’m happy to report, no sea of LEGO has been sighted since completing, as the kids can locate the LEGO  hey want or need for their creations easily and quickly without having to tip it all out!

From a mum’s perspective, it was a fabulous activity to create with the kids – we had quality fun together, no arguments were had and I’m happy to report not one ounce of shooting pain in anyones foot has been felt since the storage has been complete! Yep, I’m loving the LEGO again!


please note: this is a sponsored post with Avery Australia and New Zealand. Whilst this is a paid promotion ALL opinions, thoughts, suggestions and ideas are genuine and authentic by What’s On 4 Kids.

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