The last couple of years have been harder than ever on new Mums to form connections within their local community

It is now more important than ever for new and expecting mums to connect and build their support own support networks.

We spoke with Katie Mason, the founder of Connecting Mums; a business that has made it even easier to build connections with other Mums in Perth.

Katie Mason- Connecting Mums
Hi! I’m Katie, mumma of an energiser bunny 3.5yo boy who keeps me on my toes and I just celebrated my 40th birthday! I love my little family so much and they are my world! I’m a socialite and a hermit all rolled into one depending on the day. I love a good reality show Netflix binge and am ALWAYS up for a good chat. I love to dabble in art when I feel the need to tap into my creative side and my favourite thing to draw is mandalas. My non negotiable every week is doing a fun dance exercise twice per week to pump me up and make me feel amazing! I also love being inspired by other incredible mums in business in business, because who run the world?! GIRLS!
As a new mum, I had lost a lot of my identity. Coming from a hectic fast paced career life as an Events Manager, frequently travelling accross the country and harldy ever home, then after a traumatic birth, I was then stuck at home, a little broken and isolated with a baby. I felt like a completely new person and wasnt really sure what I was doing or who I was. I looked around for an activity to do something for my self care where I could connect with myself but there was nowhere I could bring my baby. I was living in Melbourne where hubby and I had no family around to help so I needed to take my baby with me, plus he was quite the needy unsettled bub. From that moment, I was determined to bring my idea to life. I wanted to create a space for mums where they could do something for themselves combined with my passion for events. We moved back home to Perth to be around family and I started Connecting Mums!
Connecting Mums is a special mum community. We run self care events FOR mum where you can bring your baby. Our events connect mums with other mums while we do a fun workshop for 2 hours. We create, we graze on a delicious brunch grazing board and make some friends! We have experienced lots of different types of workshops including tie dye, macramé, making teethers, pamper products like body scrubs, face and hair masks and even a paint & sip style event!
I brought my many years of a dream into a reality at the start of 2021 and in our first year of business, we have had over 100 mums and 100 babies and kids attend our events! We also have some more exciting additions coming to the Connecting Mums family soon! Watch this space!
Connecting Mums Perth

 Seeing the mums with a sense of achievement, so proud of what they have created has been a very rewarding part of this. Hearing the buzz, happiness and joy fill the room during a workshop while seeing the mums exchange numbers and make friends. This is why I do what I do.

The hardest thing is going to a new experience for the first time. Especially when you are so tired you don’t know what day it is, full of emotions and winging every day as it comes. Sometimes when you are drowning in the early days of motherhood, the thought of socialising is so overwhelming, but I promise you that you will thank yourself for getting out and meeting some other mums. I remember my first social mum and bub activity. I went on my own, I also had a baby who was always unsettled and my post natal anxiety was coming in strong. I sat in the car out the front for about half an hour before I plucked up the courage to just go in! I was so glad I did! I ended up finding my tribe of mums. The best part was being able to talk about everything I was going through as a new mum. I found others that I could relate to and it was so great to know I was not on this journey alone. You are not alone mumma.

Connecting Mums Perth

So, where to next for Connecting Mums Perth?

I’m aiming BIG! (those that know me I don’t tend to do things in halves haha!) I want to build the Connecting Mums Community to host Perth’s hottest mum and bub activities and be a go-to space for mums to connect with other mums, because connection as a new mum is so important. Heck! Let’s aim bigger….Australia here we come!

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