I have very fond memories of experiencing tutoring as a student while at school. 

I had tutors for the subject I found challenging (maths) and in my final years at school also for the subject I excelled in (science).  Private tutoring gives you an opportunity to provide your child with an online and distraction-free environment to develop their knowledge in a particular academic area, ask questions, make mistakes without the fear of ridicule and all in the comfort of your own home.

Cluey Learning are experts in online tutoring for Australian school students from years 2 to 12 years. They offer private one to one and group sessions and offer tutoring for Maths, English, and Chemistry (senior years).  All 1000+ tutors are teachers or studying to be teachers and they are extremely selective in their recruitment, hiring only experienced educators and university students with exceptional ATAR results and having to work with children and police checks completed. 

My daughter Charlotte who is 9 years old had an opportunity to experience two year 4 English tutoring sessions with Cluey Learning. The tutoring sessions are led in live face to face sessions and lasted for 1 hour each.  Her tutor was Gabrielle and she was quick to build a rapport with her and talk about the goals of the session. After getting over some initial shyness she was comfortable enough to engage and ask questions that she might have been avoiding in class.

How Cluey Learning Is Personalised To Your Child

The tutoring sessions are very individualised and Cluey takes the time to learn where your child is at and provides them with quality tuition which is aligned with their school curriculum.

They also take into consideration the personality and learning style of your child ie are they distractible, motivated or bored and need further challenging. 

That might mean your child’s tutor might be anywhere in Australia as the right match tutor might not be geographically the closest.

How Does The Cluey Learning Session Work?


Like all busy parents who feel like they spend a lot of their time transporting their kids to extracurricular classes, it was great to have the convenience of being able to do the sessions from home.

You can schedule sessions anytime between 7am and 10pm, Monday to Sunday and there is a support team to assist via email or phone if you need it.

The tutoring sessions are held 100% online, so your child will need to have access to a computer or iPad and also need a camera. The tutoring sessions are very interactive and commence right on time.

The Cluey portal is very user friendly and details will be sent in advance.  They can also be sent to your child as well if they have an email account. You can then use the portal to schedule and review their Cluey sessions, access progress summaries, session recordings, practice questions, invoices and also to rescheduled sessions.


Charlotte and her tutor started by setting goals for the session together and created a session outline, which they can use to review later on.

As it is in real-time, both the tutor and your child can see exactly what the other is typing and drawing as it happens. This feature enables instant feedback.

Once a session is completed, a session review and progress report are sent to you, so everyone is involved in the learning journey. 

What Charlotte Thought

“It was very fun and I didn’t get bored during the session. I learned things I did not know so it was very helpful. She (the tutor) spoke with a very clear voice and had explained things very well”.

Would I Recommend Cluey Learning?

I really liked that I could communicate with the tutor in advance and email them Charlotte’s last school report.  This showed me they really cared about getting to know Charlotte and where she was academically and not just jumping in.

It was very valuable to have the tutoring done from home and I felt it was good value for money.

If you have a child struggling with maths and English at school I’d highly recommend looking into Cluey.  If you have a child in high school, I also see the value in helping them prepare for exams, even if it is to just build confidence and reduce stress.


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