Christmas Bring A Plate

Christmas Bring A Plates Made Easy

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It’s that time of year again, where the calendar is becoming full; full with end of year parties for extracurricular classes and school break ups. These parties and gatherings are a wonderful opportunity to spend with the kids, parents, coaches, and teachers to celebrate the year that was. It’s also the time when we are all usually asked to bring a plate along to share! Some revel at the thought of sharing their creativity on a Christmas plate, others not so much. Either way, bring-a-plate catch ups should be enjoyed and not avoided. We’ve come up with some quick, easy, healthy and some not-so-healthy treats to consider for your next Christmas bring-a-plate celebration.

Sweet Christmas Bring A Plate Ideas

Summer Fruit is your friend – shaped watermelon, festive fruit on a stick or laid out beautifully on a platter will always be a hit! Dipping strawberries & cherries in a little chocolate is also a winner.  If fairy bread is your thing, simply cut fairy bread into quarters and lay on your platter to make a fairy bread Christmas tree! Decorating store-bought biscuits or dipping them in chocolate/icing and jazzing up with some Christmas sprinkles is a great alternative for time-poor parents or maybe even create reindeer’s, Christmas puddings or snowmen for a bit of fun.

See the below images for inspiration (images via Pinterest) 

Christmas Bring A Plate Ideas

Savoury Christmas Bring A Plate Ideas

Getting creative with sandwiches & wraps is an easy solution to last-minute get-togethers! Fresh wraps cut into pinwheels sized bites and piled high like a Christmas tree or getting out those festive cookie cutters to jazz up your child’s favourite filled sandwiches. Cheeses are another one of our favourites.  Cheese and olive Christmas wreaths or making a Christmas tree out of cubed cheese and fresh veggie sticks are always a crowd-pleaser- voila!

See the below images for inspiration (images via Pinterest) 

Christmas Bring A Plate Ideas

Sausage rolls or Sushi are also a great share plate – made into a wreath with your preferred dipping sauce in the middle.

Christmas Bring A Plate Ideas

Remember, Christmas time already has enough stresses to consider so there is no need to be worrying about a few bring-a-plates! Keep it simple and have some fun with it- but most of all enjoy spending time with those people that have made a positive impact on your child and your life’s this year.

For loads more ideas for your next Christmas bring-a-plate head on over to our What’s On 4 Kids Pinterest page.

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