We realise that everyone’s world has been turned on its head since Covid19 entered our lives. Re-adjusting to life on the “inside” (sounds like prison doesn’t it?) has been tough but we are strong, determined people who are slowly finding our feet. 

Learning to find the little blessings has been our mission at Bop till you Drop. We’ve built a world where bringing happiness to children all around Australia runs in our veins, so we buckled down – put our thinking caps on and brainstormed ideas for how we can turn those Covid-frowns upside down. So we would love to bring you some fantastic ideas we came up with to help you celebrate your child’s special day from the comfort of your own home.

So here it goes – we’ve prepared your go-to-guide for the top party tips, party activities, outfit ideas, and the music tracks to make up the perfect party for your child!

Tips For Running The Perfect Virtual Party

We really had to break it down to what makes a great kids party?

  1. Family and friends are a must! Thanks to technology, we can still incorporate loved ones into your little ones special day by utilising online tools like Zoom, House Skype among others. All you need is a computer and internet connection to get it going and voila! Everyone you love can jump on even from other states and countries!
  2. A professional entertainer who loves working with children and who the kids love to interact and engage with. An entertainer can help run the perfect party so mum and dad can sit back and relax. Someone who will make every effort to ensure the birthday girl or boy feel super special.
  3. Fun games and activities that the kids will love!
  4. The perfect outfit or theme to get them into that festive spirit.
  5. And lastly, the MUSIC!

Party Activities

At Bop till you Drop, our most requested activities include dancing and singing like nobodies watching, fun party games, crazy science experiments, gooey slime, and creative plaster painting. That’s why we packaged together with our new range of kids Virtual Parties which can be run from your own living room! These include our:

What better way to combine all the tips for a perfect party – our professional entertainers will keep the kids engaged via Zoom which means they can have up to 100 friends on the video call without having to worry about running out of space. Our entertainers will make your birthday child feel like the star of the day, take song requests, and run the structured party activities. All you need to do is get them dressed up in their favourite outfit and get ready to have a blast!

Party Outfits

Speaking of outfit… what to wear for a virtual party? The sky is the limit! But here are a few options to help you get the kids inspired. They can:

  • Dress up as their favourite character – whether it’s their favourite Super Hero, Frozen, Disney Princess, Fortnite or Mine Craft character. Actually any character they love. And you can get creative with the costume – you don’t just have to buy one. The kids can make a costume or prop as a side activity and let their imagination run wild!
  • Dress up to match a theme – it’s hard to keep up with their flavour of the month but following a theme makes for some hilarious and fun outfits that the children never forget. We’ve seen some amazing 80’s themed outfits, Harry Potter, Jojo Siwa, Pirates, Circus and Animal themed costumes just to name a few.
  • Dress up in your favourite party outfit – maybe they have a favourite little number they’ve been saving for a special occasion! No time like the present to let it loose!

Most importantly, it should be all about making their party fun and memorable.

And Lastly – The PARTY TUNES!

Dance music or background music can help create that amazing party atmosphere and keep the children’s energy uplifted. Here are the Top 5 disco party hits as requested by our little Boppers: 

  1. Dance Monkey
  2. Shut Up & Dance With Me
  3. Old Town Road
  4. Shot Gun
  5. Blinding Lights 

If you need some help making your Virtual Party a success, reach out to kids party professionals at Bop till you Drop. With over 17 years of experience hosting over 70,000 parties Australia wide – we can make your child’s special day spectacular – even VIRTUALLY! Corona Shmarona!

To speak to our friendly team, call 1300 13 03 13 or visit www.boptillyoudrop.com.au for more information.

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