Not your average maths tutor – BYJU’s FutureSchool can teach your child a full school curriculum in just 52 classes all at a fraction of the cost

Another school year once again fast approaches. Over the past few years, it might be easier to ask yourself, ‘Has my child missed out?’ Although you might catch yourself worrying if they’re behind where they should be, our children are doing their best to face the challenges schooling from home presents. All they need is that positive push to keep them motivated.

So, why not provide that positive push with their own personal lesson plan with BYJU’s FutureSchool? Whether they need help with hard concepts or just a little boost for NAPLAN, BYJU’s FutureSchool virtual classes can be tailored to whatever your child needs.

With classes in maths, coding and music, BYJU’s FutureSchool is cheaper than a normal tutor all while actively engaging your child with interactive games and learning tools that support the learning process. All FutureSchool mentors are also top class teachers with years of experience under their belt, so you know your child’s educational needs are in good hands.

For children in need of a boost in maths, teach them an entire school curriculum in just 52 classes with BYJU’s FutureSchool, all along the way strengthening their skills and sparking their imagination.

From basic multiplication skills all the way through to complex trigonometry, BYJU’s FutureSchool offers 1:1 learning for school kids starting from Year 1 all the way into high school.

While traditional classroom teaching typically involves one teacher addressing a class of up to 30 or 40 students, BYJU’s FutureSchool’s model ensures individual attention to your child with 1:1 learning. This allows their mentor to notice where your child might excel or fall behind, with lessons focused on empowering your child across all aspects of the subject. Without the fear of facing embarrassment from their classmates, your child can feel comfortable asking for help where they need it most.


“My daughter was taught concepts in a new and creative way and she really liked it.” – Reena Mishra, BYJU’s FutureSchool Maths course
“We loved the connection with the teacher and student. The format was very interactive and my son thoroughly enjoyed the class.” – Christy Angelle Wilson-Tietje, BYJU’s FutureSchool Maths course


 BYJU’S FutureSchool is an interactive, learning platform that offers education programs on coding, math and music designed for students ages 6-18 that will help children build confidence and problem solving, creative thinking and communication skills. Through the platform, students receive personalised attention with live access to a teacher in a one-on-one setting as well as hands-on activities. And all the classes can be done from the comfort and safety of your kitchen table or their bedroom!

You can book between six and 80 lessons dependent on what you and your child want to achieve. Click here to sign up today and receive a free trial class!


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