Stuck at home on lockdown from Covid-19? Let’s make the most of it with some isolation appreciation and your own lockdown diary!

It is a confusing and disruptive time for lots of kids (and parents) with some kids handling the changes much better than others. Each age group also has it’s own challenges too.

For Primary School aged kids keeping a diary about their day is a great way to keep up their writing skills in a fun way…and one day it will be a little bit of history they can look back on. It also offers a way for kids to express their feelings, write about what they enjoy and what they are finding challenging.

All you need is a notebook, project book or there are some great FREE printable resources online, like this great one designed by Stephen McCarthy (Thanks Steve) from My Lockdown Diary.

This FREE colouring in book from Moments a Day (A Townsville Mum) is a great way to explain Covid-19 and explain why we have made some changes to protect people in our community at the moment. The first part of the book shares some “do” and “don’t” information about hygiene and distancing; the second part addresses feelings and getting sick; and the third part talks about what we can do to contribute to make the situation a bit easier.

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