There’s no denying it…. Kids LOVE Play-Doh! Colourful pots of creativity just waiting to be discovered.

Educationally speaking, Play-Doh is the real deal. Whether you’ve got the Mega Pack of tubs, an amazing Kitchen Creations kit or a single tub; the possibilities of extending play with Play-Doh at home are endless!

For this reason, Play-Doh mats are ideal. Getting the kids to further extend their skills and knowledge through Play-Doh play mats can assist with not only their fine motor skills but their also their numeracy and literacy knowledge and develop their creativity.

Here are a few of our favourite Play-Doh Mat template types we’ve used. Simply print, laminate (or pop in a plastic sleeve) and enjoy! These reusable Play-Doh mats are great to use over again; just wipe down after each use.

Literacy Play-Doh Mats:  Make learning the ABC extra fun. Print off letters, words or even your child’s name. We love these Play-Doh mat templates from www.playdoughtoplato.com/100-free-playdough-mats/

Numeracy Play-Doh Mats: Using a variety of counting play mats let the kids use their skills to figure out mathematical equations with rolling, creating and stretching Play-Doh to help them problem solve. Here are some examples to get you started from www.thisreadingmama.com/4-simple-measurement-games-free/ and www.lifeovercs.com/free-dough-mats-for-counting-to-10/ 

Telling the Time Play-Doh Mats: Encouraging open ended play and learning to tell the time with clock play mats. Let the kids roll Play-Doh snakes of their choice (2 colours) to make the ‘hands’ – one big hand and one smaller.  Varying the degrees of difficulty depending on child’s age and abilities.

Food Fun Play-Doh Mats: Let your little creative chefs whip up colourful Play-Doh creations on their food play mats. Whether its a dinner plate, mixing bowl, decorating a cake or fruit bowl your kids will love being Play-Doh Master Chefs! Find some foodie designs here www.picklebums.com/fun-food-play-dough-mats/  o-10/

Christmas Play-Doh Mats: Perfect for the festive season for the kids. Put on some carols and get the tubs of Play-Doh out. There’s snow globes, Christmas trees, gingerbread men and a range of decoration mats to choose from. Check it out here: www.itsybitsyfun.com/christmas-play-dough-mats.html

Need more Play-Doh Mat inspiration? We love this blog with 100 free Play-Doh mats  www.playdoughtoplato.com/100-free-playdough-mats/

You can buy Play-Doh from Target, K-Mart, Big W, independent toy stores and on Amazon here:

Read about Easy Play-Doh Ideas for Preschoolers here:

This blog was written as part of a collaboration with Hasbro (Play-Doh). I am working with Play-Doh to create a series of blog content on how to encourage child development through one of the worlds most well known and popular forms of play.  Play-Doh is affordable and accessible and can be modified according to the task required. The photographs must not be reproduced, copied or edited without permission.

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