Awards Judging

Best Local Baby/Toddler Activity (0-3 years)
Best Local Preschooler Activity (3-5 years) 
Best Local School-Aged Kids Activity (5-12 years)
Best New Kids Activity (up to 3 years in business)
Proudly sponsored by ThinkSmart Software (Class Biz)
Best Activity for Parent and Child
Proudly sponsored by Ready Steady Go Kids
Best Kids School Holiday Activity
Best Volunteer Activity for Kids
Best National Baby Activity (0-2 years)
Best National Toddlers Activity (2-3 years)
Best National Preschooler Activity (3-5 years)

Best National School Aged Activity (5-12 years)

Best Family Day Out
Best Family Holiday Destination
Proudly Sponsored by What’s On 4 Travel
Best Activity for Kids with Additional Needs
Best Kids Party Entertainer
Best Kids Party Product Provider
Best Kids Party Venue
Best Kids Live Show
Best Team Culture
Best Customer Focus
Best Franchised Kids Activity
Outstanding Coach/Teacher for (0-5 years)
Outstanding Coach/Teacher for (5-12 years)
Kids Activity Industry Leader of the Year

Best Kids Party Industry Leader of the Year

Best Kids Activity for Cultural Diversity

Best Educational Online/Digital Program for Kids

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