2021 Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can I be nominated in more than one category?

Yes, you can be nominated in more than one category as long as you qualify.

Can I nominate/vote for myself? 

Yes, you can nominate yourself but must be voted for by others.  You can ask family, friends and your community to vote for you.

Can people nominate more than once?

Yes, you can be nominated in more than one category.

Can people vote more than once?

You can vote in multiple categories but only one time (i.e with one email address) so if you want to vote in several different categories make sure you do them all together.

Can I nominate / vote via email?

No, please use the online nomination & voting forms so we can ensure we collect all necessary data

Can I vote on behalf of my class/group/members?

No – IP addresses will be monitored & multiple votes or nominations from one address may be disregarded

How many nominations do I need in each category to go through?

Just one nomination is required.

Is there a charge to enter?

Yes, we have introduced an admin fee to cover the time and effort that goes into creating these awards.

There will be no charge for the volunteer categories.

How can I generate nominations/votes?

Via your social media, word of mouth, via your local & regional media, newsletters, by encouraging all your supporters & clients – past & present & do keep reminding – parents are busy people!

Get some press? Make sure you send us a copy & we can promote for you!

Where should I display the nominated/finalist/winner logo?

Everywhere!  Posters, fliers, business cards, email sign off, on your website, on your social media, via your blog etc – start using the logo as soon as it is received & of course you may continue to display it once the awards have closed. Please note the displaying of the winner logo is part of the Awards Terms & Conditions.

When do nominations & voting start & end?

Nominations Open 12th Feb 2021

Nominations Close 17th March 2021

Voting Begins 31st March 2021

Judging Criteria will be sent 2nd April 2021

Voting Closes 28th April 2021

Judging Closes 21st April 2021

What’s On 4 Kids Symposium & Awards: Saturday 12th June 2021

Do I have to attend to be a winner?

Yes – all finalists need to attend the live/online event if they are to be announced as the winner.  You may be able to send a representative at the discretion of the organisers.

Can I send a representative to attend on my behalf?

This is up to the discretion of the circumstances but yes in some circumstances you can send a representative to attend in your place

Are children permitted?

As this will be a live event for 2021, you can have all your friends and families watching along with you.

How can I get tickets to attend?

You will be sent details for this in May 2021.

Can I bring a guest?

Yes, you can bring guests & information will sent as above.

What’s the awards and conference hash tag?  

#whatson4kidsawards #whatson4kidsconference

Is discounted accommodation available?

Not required this year.

Are scholarships available?

As costs have been kept to a minimum this year, no scholarships will be available.

I will be coming alone and feeling nervous about the experience.  Is it worth me coming?

Of course! There’s no need to be nervous at all.  Last year we had a very welcoming group that were keen to meet others, many of which did come solo.  Be brave, it will be worth it!

Are there any other events on other than the conference and awards?

More information coming.


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